Good-bye 2019, hello 2020

31 12 2019

WAIMĀNALO — We came to Joe and Girly’s on New Year’s Eve again this year. Ono grinds, kanikapila with friends in the garage, and fireworks display from the backyard. It’s perfect.

Their dog Izzie waited and ran back and forth with each of the loud booms from late afternoon and into the night.



Happy New Year, everyone!


Resume play

7 01 2015

It’s time to hit the Resume Play button of my life. The elves have left to help someone else.

Indeed, it feels like a brand new life. The 12-month year for me starts on my birthday this Friday. Then I’ll turn 66. With much gratitude I say good-bye to 66 years (especially the year 2014) and say hello to today.

Since DH’s birthday on Dec. 20—we had a little party here on the 21st—so much has occurred, I really don’t remember exactly what, nor am I able to put the events in chronological order. No matter. That was yesterday.

Since the fire and for the last nine days, New Year’s Day and Sunday excepting, a professional after-fire cleaning crew has been at the studio, removing soot and odor from everything inside the structure. Four to nine people at a time, depending on the tasks. Such hard workers. I called them elves.

What a blessing. This morning, when I awoke, the din of the four air scrubber machines was gone. I could hear the birds and the surf again. The air smelled sweet. I had slept soundly through the night. I could look forward to a day with no visitors (perhaps?).

I can’t find any-Thing, but I know it is here somewhere and that it is clean!

“Sorry, we rearranged your things,” one of the elves said smiling. The cool thing is, I like the rearrangement. When I go through my things systematically in one direction to find something and come across something I don’t need any more, I toss it into the trash or set it aside to re-bless someone else. And, truthfully, I don’t need much.

In a new setting, I can keep only what I need or what brings me joy!

Some of the things are in cardboard boxes because the elves did a partial “pack out.” It was obvious to them the next step was a kitchen renovation. The result is “out of sight, out of mind.”

The clichés have meaning: “Every dark cloud has a silver lining.” “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” “Fire purifies.” “Out with the old, in with the new.” “Let it go.”

To keep my feet on the ground and because I like to honor commitments, I’ll resume teaching and writing in a few days, but that’s it. I can say Aloha to the past, start over, reset, choose to (re)act in a new way to events in my life and create a different and joyful experience.

Thank you, dear friends. I’ll certainly keep you.

Copyright 2015 Rebekah Luke



Ready for the next phase

31 01 2013

Where, oh, where is Rebekah? Missing in action, making peace with my past. I’m going down memory lane, culling through old stuff for cherished souvenirs to keep (again), and tossing out a LOT. Streamlining the studio and getting ready for the new lunar year.

Three art classes and one music workshop to teach loom. I must create the proper space for new pupils! My life has turned a corner, for sure, and I can’t wait for the unfolding.

I’m glad I asked for help. I put out the call to my Facebook friends who gave me some good ideas on how to make more room and deal with the remnants of my many and varied life phases. Haha, I can call them that now. Phases.

My wish for you is that you, too, will throw away some clutter today, let go of the past that no longer serves you, be present, and be well!

Copyright 2013 Rebekah Luke

Happy new year! What’s on your plate for 2012?

1 01 2012

♥ LOVE, Love, love! ♥ We made it! A happy and loving new year to all. Muah! It’s gonna be a good one!

What’s new on your plate for 2012? Here’s what’s on mine: 1 lotus petal, 2 reunions, 2 books, 50 lei, and plenty of Skype.

This month I’m getting ready to teach my first formal course in Painting, to be launched in February at my studio in Kaaawa. Our kids and grand kids will be moving to Italy for their work around that time, and with a crib and other childrens’ things gone from our place, I’ll be rearranging the furniture to make room for a few students and floor easels. I can envision another petal of my lotus opening. Exciting!

As we have all noticed, I’m sure, this is a time of great change in our lives and on our planet. I look at these changes as part of the circle of life and events to be celebrated.

Of course, having one’s family move half way around the world is a big change, and we are helping each other adjust emotionally as well. My darling husband (DH), who was Miss Marvelous’s primary caregiver in her first year when her parents worked outside the home, and I will miss the two toddlers especially. It’s so much fun watching them develop.

Thank goodness for Skype. Thank goodness for a great reason to travel to Europe—I’m projecting in 2013—and thank goodness they will be back here in three years.

In June I’m partying and reminiscing with my Punahou Class of ’67 classmates for our 45th high school reunion. Yes, indeed, it’s been that long. Nearly everything is set for the six-day event, and I hope many will attend. We’ll have such a great time reconnecting.

In July I’m committed to welcoming the yachts of the Pacific Cup race to Hawaii, and my crew of lei makers will be on call once again.

Come August it’s a biggie. I’ll have published a new book and e-book about my relatives in time for a gathering. My cousins of my mom’s side and I are going to North Kohala on Hawaii island for a family reunion. Kohala is where my grandparents and their 15 children lived until June 1925 when they moved to Honolulu.

In 2011 I made two scouting trips there to find the old house (it had been moved, and I found it!) and to gather information for the trip. Our family is so fortunate that we can literally walk the land of our ancestors and experience the place of their birth.

And that’s it. Pretty full, huh? I’m sure yours is too. It’s meant to be. I wish you love during the transition. There still may be some bumps in the road, so take it easy. Thank you so very much for visiting, and check back often during the year. Reiki blessings to all. ~ Love, Rebekah

Copyright 2012 Rebekah Luke

Good fortune gathers at our door

18 02 2010

Good fortune at our front door

The Lunar New Year of the Tiger began on Valentine’s Day. That Sunday I spent a joyful time with some girl friends — eating Chinese jai, noodles, and dim sum from the cart; and exchanging Valentine surprises.

During the lunch my Reiki teacher Lori placed her hand on my back for the most awesome Reiki healing I have ever experienced — a strong warm vibrating energy. When the vibration stopped, the channeling ended, it was enough.

I feel well! Pretty amazing.

It was opening day for the sailing season at the yacht club, so afterward I went down to watch the festivities. The race had started, by handicap rating, and DH was crewing on the yacht Mariah. When I got to the starting line at the bulkhead, the boat had not yet cast off, and lucky me, I was invited to climb aboard for a ride. It was a beautiful afternoon on Kaneohe Bay, and owner Ken skippered Mariah to a first-place win!

Then DH and I drove over the pali to share dinner with our extended family, including David and Cherie from Anchorage, Alaska. David, retired and my contemporary, and his wife Cherie, who still works but apparently can do it from anywhere as long as she has her computer and her cell phone, are crisscrossing the country to check in on their adult kids, grandkids, and help their aging parents. As experienced travelers, they planned to drive through the winter snow and not hassle with airlines for their next travel leg on the continent. (Visions of our December travel delays!)

A cute card arrived in the mail from Seattle — an original brush painting of a smiling tiger’s face by artist-poet Alan Chong Lau with a wish from him and his wife Kazuko for a Happy New Year of the Tiger! Since becoming China travel mates in 2005 we’ve received a drawing of the zodiac animal each new year. Every time I look at this year’s smiling tiger, I smile back!

My neighbor across the street and up the hill, Thomas, teaches kung fu. Yesterday while I was watering the orchids, he stopped in his truck and asked how my tai chi practice was going. Obviously passionate about tai chi, he got out of the truck in the middle of the road to explain the whys and to show the hows of some postures. I was so grateful to learn a bit more about the life energy.

I feel I’ve had such good fortune these first few days of the new year. May all good fortune gather at your front door too.

Copyright 2010 Rebekah Luke

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