3 long plane rides away

6 11 2019

Aloha, studio fans!

Just a reminder that you can see what I’m doing In Europe this November. But, you ask, exactly where? I invite you to come with me at http://www.rebekahstravels.wordpress.com

~ Rebekah

Aloha kakahiaka!

24 10 2019

Hawaiian moon—Kāne—in the morning

Thanks again!

17 10 2019

Ten years since 2009 and 83,000 visitors since opening day. Thank you so very much for supporting my blog Rebekah’s Studio. Old-fashioned letters, paintings, and healing. Welcoming you from Kaʻaʻawa, Oʻahu, Hawaiian Islands.

I have written about many topics. Enter the subject of your interest into the Search Box. ~ Rebekah

Acknowledging Indigenous Peoples Day

14 10 2019

My haʻawina hale (homework) for papa ʻŌlelo (Hawaiian language class) was to write down my moʻokūʻauhau (genealogy) starting with my maternal grandmother. I think it is fitting that I share it on Indigenous Peoples Day. Each of us is indigenous to somewhere. I believe my ancestors were indigenous to China and the Hawaiian Islands.

“Our” shama thrush

17 09 2019

The fauna that Hawaii can claim is the variety of birds. Lately, a shama thrush has been visiting our small water fountain to take a bath. We know it’s here by its “tsk tsk” song. Other songs are more melodic.

    Shama thrush at Makaua, Oahu

I love waterfall season

15 09 2019

Morning in Makaua Valley

It rained so heavily last night I wondered if I was driving through a hurricane. This morning I woke up to two waterfalls.

One, and the second is just outside of the right edge of the photo.

Mid Autumn moon

14 09 2019

3 a.m. and the rooster is crowing! May all your dreams come true.

Mid Autumn moon sets behind the Koolau Mountains at Makaua

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