Oil painting en plein air—one of my callings.  Hand-dyed tissue paper collage is my newest art medium. I am happy to devote this page to my virtual gallery. Please contact me if you have an interest in a personal showing, in representing me, or if you would like to commission a work.

To view my RETROSPECTIVE COLLECTION, please click on the menu tab at the top.

My paintings are available for you to see as soon as I have finished making them, including the most recent ones awaiting a varnish coat once the work is completely dry, usually in about three to six months for oils.

The prices (in U.S. dollars) include a frame selected by me. The frame adds to the dimensions given below. I have a layaway plan and I accept credit cards.

For some background about the artist, click here to see my 9/25/09 post “FAQs about my art: an interview with self.” Thank you so very much for for visiting. Rebekah Luke


CRATER VIEW, Volcano Series—2019
40″ x 30″ Hand-dyed Tissue Paper Collage on Canvas

GASSED COCONUT TREES diptych, Volcano Series — 2018
20″ x 20″ Hand-dyed Tissue Paper Collage on Canvas
$450. each of 2

LAVA FLOWS TO THE SEA diptych, Volcano Series — 2018
36″ x 24″ (top panel) Hand-dyed Tissue Paper Collage on Canvas
$900. SOLD

LAVA FLOWS TO THE SEA diptych, Volcano Series — 2018
36″ x 24″ (bottom panel) Hand-dyed Tissue Paper Collage on Canvas

WINDWARD diptych, Volcano Series — 2018
24″ x 36″ (right panel)
Hand-dyed Tissue Paper Collage on Canvas


LEEWARD diptych, Volcano Series — 2018
24″ x 36″ (left panel)
Hand-dyed Tissue Paper Collage on Canvas


RIVER OF LAVA, Volcano Series — 2018
After G. Brad Lewis 40″ x 30″
Hand-dyed Tissue Paper Collage on Canvas


After Dennis Oda 36” x 24” two panels combined
Hand-dyed Tissue Paper Collage on Panel
$450. each of two. The right hand panel has been sold. The left panel with the blue and magenta sky is available.



FIERY VOLCANO diptych, Volcano Series — 2018 60” x 40” two panels combined Hand-dyed Tissue Paper Collage on Canvas SOLD

“From Haleakalā” — 2018
40” x 30” both panels of diptych. Hand-dyed tissue paper collage. $900. each of two. The right panel has been resized to a square. Volcano series by Rebekah Luke

22″ x 28″ Hand-dyed Tissue Paper Collage on Canvas

MA‘AFALA — 2018
22″ x 28″ Hand-dyed Tissue Paper College on Canvas

36″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas 1,200.00

10″ x 8″ Hand-dyed Tissue Paper and Feather Collage 

Kalo Collage ©2014 Rebekah LukeKALO COLLAGE – 2014
15″ x 30″ Hand-dyed Paper on Canvas
395.00 Abstract motif of taro corms, stems, and leaves—the staple food of Hawaiians.
Bayfront - Version 2
 BAYFRONT – 2014
18″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas Panel
500.00 Boats docked on Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, with the Koolau Mountains in the background.
 At WailupeAT WAILUPE – 2013
20″ x 16″ Oil on Canvas Board
20″ x 10″ Giclée repro on Canvas
250.00 These ironwood trees have lined this carriageway at Kapi‘olani Park in Waikiki for ages. I brought my painting students here to paint Diamond Head en plein air.
Ka pā hula o Moanalua ©2013 Rebekah Luke
20″ x 14″ Giclée repro on Canvas, unframed. Also available on 16″ x 12″ without violet haze.
150.00  This earthen mound is for dancers to hula at Moanalua Gardens, Honolulu.
16″ x 20″ Oil on Canvas
600.00 After a big rain, the clouds lifted for this awe-inspiring scene.
14″ x 18″ Oil on Canvas Board in
425.00 These exotic flowers grow outside my kitchen window.
LEHUA Left Panel. ʻŌHIʻA Right Panel, 12” x 12” . $350 each panel.
Both hand-dyed tissue-paper collages SOLD
BYODO-IN – 2013
18″Oil on Canvas 
600.00 In Kahalu‘u, O‘ahu, where there is a big statue of Buddha. 

37 responses

10 07 2022
Rebekah Luke

Hi Naomi! Thank you very much for supporting my art! It’s nice to know who has the piece and where it lives. Aloha nō, Rebekah

19 06 2022
Naomi Wilson

Just bought the little collage Ohi’a. Dale loved it. Beautiful work. Good seeing you.

27 03 2022
Rebekah Luke

Thank you so very much for your compliment. I enjoy making art. I am happy that it connects with viewers like you!

25 03 2022

i met you today at the gallery , you probably met a lot of people and won’t remember , but i was absolutely moved by your work. thank you for what you do. much love.

10 05 2014
14 09 2013
Rebekah's Studio

That is so sweet of you to say. Thank you for the compliment. In our family, I’ve discovered I’m now related to eight Kong sisters, 4 by blood and 4 by marriage! I’ll be posting foodie topics on my travel blog soon.

13 09 2013
Jan yap

You are a Renaissance woman. Love your paintings and love to the Kong sisters. We prayed for them before try left on their trip. Would love to be painting with you all.

23 07 2013
More paintings installed | Rebekah’s Studio

[…] Paintings […]

15 02 2012
Rebekah's Studio

Hello, again! You’re not missing much, as I’m a blogging fool, and I illustrate many of my posts with my photos. It’s true: my first awards were for photography and film. That was pre-digital. Now, my camera of choice is the remarkable iPhone, and my darkroom is Photoshop. The tools have changed, but light, design, and story have not. You might have read I’ve started teaching oil painting. My students get a bonus from what I know about photography. From time to time I’ll report on how that’s progressing and publish some images of that experience. Good idea! Thanks for your support all these years.

14 02 2012
Chris McIntosh

I love your art. I wanted to express that in this, appropriate, forum.

As the proud recipient of one of your photography pieces (which I have cherished much for several years), I wonder … Are there other examples of your work in photography which you could share here?

I, for one, would enjoy seeing such works displayed…all of your work is awe-inspiring. I feel that we may be missing something … believing that there is, yet, another artistic angle which your creativity has explored.

So, how about it? Any photography to share?

30 01 2012
Rebekah's Studio

Thank you, Tamsen. Nice to “meet” you again. I visited your website, and I’m impressed and inspired by the breadth of your work. The ipu are beautiful. Aren’t we blessed to have our art? I am familiar with native ipu through Momi Greene, another artist. She was among the first of Dr. Bruce Christman’s students at the Bishop Museum to start growing the native ipu again, and she does the Niihau style——dying from the inside out——almost exclusively.

30 01 2012

Aloha Rebekah…love your work and you are a true inspiration. You can check out my Hawaiiana art gourds, paintings, jewelry, etc at my website and you might recognize me from a couple before-Christmas (2011) rehearsals.

Mahalo for your wonderful blog and offerings.

6 12 2011
Rebekah's Studio

And the pleasure is mine! All the best for the holidays and always, Bee. Miss you.

6 12 2011

Cousin, I am honored & privileged to own one of your paintings.
Love the ‘snow’.

5 12 2011
Rebekah's Studio

I’m glad you stopped by Rebekah’s Studio. Next time you’re on the island, I can take you to those places. Hope it’s soon!

5 12 2011
Naomi Isaacs

Rebekah, these paintings so much capture the atmosphere of the island as I remember it. I specially love CLOUDS LIFTING OVER LANIHULI and BLUE KOOLAU MOUNTAINS.
Look forward to reading more of your blog too……..I’ll be back.

9 10 2011
Rebekah's Studio

Thank you for the compliment! I bet there is a lot of subject matter for a plein air painter in Aotearoa; I have not been there yet but know it has beautiful scenery and people.

9 10 2011
Reina Cottier Art

you are really talented, loving your art. 🙂

29 07 2011
The artist at work | Kaaawa News

[…] more information on Rebekah and her paintings, check her web site. This entry was posted in Photographs. Bookmark the permalink. ← […]

13 08 2010
Rebekah's Studio

I am looking forward to seeing you again! Thanks for the compliments!

13 08 2010
Carol Harper

Rebekah, your paintings are so beautiful! What a talent!! Who knew as we were growing up in Wahiawa that I would leave the islands and you would pursue a career in painting. You are truly blessed with a wonderful and loving family and of course your passion for painting. I sincerely hope we can connect when I’m home in Sep. I would love to see you again after all these years and to see your original paintings! Aloha Nui Loa!

24 07 2010
Rebekah's Studio

Mahalo Marie. I hope you are still making art too.

24 07 2010
Marie Cooper-Martinez

You have captured the essence of Hawaii in both photos and paintings. They are breathtaking!!
Keep up the awesome creations!

22 07 2010
Rebekah's Studio

Thursday at Kahana? If I could just clone myself! WordPress was recommended to me, and I love the service! I enjoy writing. I love blogging! It’s a short learning curve, but you with your computer savvy would not have a learning curve at all. See you soon.

22 07 2010

Love your web site. I need to start one like this, too. Just so much to do and so little time! I gather from your invitation that you’re still painting at Ho’omaluhia on Thurs. Would you like to join us next Thursday at Kahana?
P.S. I like the ti plants. :o)

22 02 2010

Thank you for the lovely comments, Carole. I’m glad you could come to see the originals! See you at the beach!

22 02 2010

I invited myself last Friday to view Rebekah’s paintings in her home and she graciously served tea and rice cakes with Alice Brown nestled between us on the sofa while we talked. Her home is at the base of the Koolau mountains in Kaaawa yet a stone’s throw from the ocean and the incarnation of an artist’s dwelling, surrounded by Hawaiian exotic ti plants. Her paintings were beautiful and my favorites were Rain Fantasy, Blue Koolau Mountains, and the Wild Orchid Faces; she has an impressionist’s touch reminiscent of I don’t know which artist of the movement; of course her style is unique and I will be saving my dollars for one of her works. She is truly une vrai artiste!

2 01 2010

I was attracted to the way the light made the tree in “Golden Retreat at Hoomaluhia” sparkle. Impressionism has to do with the essence of light and a style that is soft- rather than hard-edged. In my painting I used a palette knife instead of a brush. The result is an image that is not so exact, that is, just an impression! Glad you liked the porthole views of the Danube, a different perspective and already framed!

2 01 2010

My preference runs to the 2007 paintings. Is that impressionist style? I very much like the porthole photos. It’s a great way to see a part of what you experienced.

29 09 2009
Lorene Callison

Beautiful! Reminds me of the Hawaii I miss so much. Thanks for sharing. Will be in the area in November. Hope to see you then.

4 09 2009
Barbara Vlachos

Lovely paintings…your wonderful technique with oil paint makes your paintings look like water-colors….makes me want to see the originals…!!! Wonderful to see the marvelous facets of your life’s calling…Thanks for sharing…!!!

31 08 2009

Hi Mrs. Helwig! Think of you too. The picture you have with all the fruit is one of my earliest—Gloria Foss’s last studio assignment prior to heading into the field. It was challenging. I just finished another canvas with a pineapple. Waiting for the paint to dry before I put it on display. It’s a departure from my landscapes.

30 08 2009
Betty Helwig

Thanks for including me in your family for the Blog site. I will visit it often. We also have a picture of yours that hangs in our apartment Via Dot and Walter’s possession. It makes us think of you often.

28 08 2009

Thanks! I often paint scenes of where I think people might like to be. You and I have some of the same genes, and you are talented too!

28 08 2009
Loris Waters

You have such a great talent. Your paintings are beautiful, they take me home. You are truly blessed.

28 08 2009
Sue Hylton

Thanking you for including me to share your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts and your pictures are lovely. Hope to see you at the Baby Luau if not sooner. Hi to all.

26 08 2009
Carole Moran

Wow!! i really like your paintings! Thank you so much for taking the time to send your blog to me! I would love to see them in person; will see you soon at the beach avec les chiens!

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