18 04 2019

Our neighborhood is having a nighttime egg hunt on Good Friday, so Maundy Thursday’s secular activity was dyeing eggs—real hard-cooked chicken eggs.

I recall the children being so excited to find “a real egg” last year. It’s been the fashion to hide plastic candy-filled eggs. Sheesh.

Ayla got right into the decorating while we noticed how competitive her Papa was in his designs.

We dye Easter eggs every year,  delighted to pass the tradition on to the next generations.

After the eggs dried, I buffed them with a little salad oil and a soft cloth for shine.

The kids are advised to bring flashlights, but they won’t need them at our place. Motion sensor lights will make the night bright as day.

Happy Easter!

~ Rebekah

Blessed are the children

16 04 2017

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Easter harvest

27 03 2016

From the egg hunt yesterday and the home garden this morning. Grateful every day for the blessings. Happy Easter, everyone! He is risen!


A peace of Easter – Colomba di Pasqua

8 04 2012

I made this bread from a recipe in the Sunset Italian Cook Book published in 1972 when I worked in the test kitchens. It was edited by Jerry Anne DiVecchio. A larger 12 x 15-inch baking sheet would have allowed the birds wings to spread more. The wings are studded with almonds over chunks of almond paste and sprinkled with sugar.

My version of Colomba di Pasqua – the Dove of Easter, a bread of Italy. Delightfully delicious with lemon and almond flavors. Enjoy your holiday! Especially our family in Naples. Happy Easter!

Copyright 2012 and 2014 Rebekah Luke

Easter peep

24 04 2011

Blessings and joy to you this Easter Sunday from all of us at Rebekah’s Studio

Happiness from the Easter bunny

4 04 2010

The creatures at Rebekah’s Studio send you blessings and wishes for a Happy Easter Day!

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