I am Rebekah Oe-Len Kehaulani Luke, an American of Chinese and Hawaiian origins.  I was born in Honolulu when Hawaii was still a US Territory. My mother was born in Kohala, and my father was born in Paia. I live in a most beautiful and cordial island community between the mountains and the ocean with my family. During my life I’ve earned my living as a journalist, photographer, artist, and Reiki practitioner. I have come to a space where I now feel comfortable writing about the things I know. Thank you for visiting Rebekah’s Studio, established here in August 2009. Please feel free to visit here anytime.

In 2012 and 2013 I traveled to Italy, keeping a separate blog “Popo Goes to Italy” that in 2015 I renamed “Popo Goes Abroad” to include France.


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2 03 2021
Rebekah Luke

Aloha e Dorette,
I just found and read your message, so nice! Yes, we are cousins. Your grandfather was my father Arthur Luke’s Uncle William (William Kee Luke). Arthur and Ted were first cousins. So I think you and I are second cousins.
Mary Dang is my grand aunt. I do have a family tree, that I researched. I wrote, “Luke Chan’s father was Look Tong aka Lok Lai Hoo. This line has been traced back to the Soong Dynasty in Honan Province China, and the record is available through Theodore Luke, who is Luke Chan’s nephew; however, I was told it is in Chinese and that only a portion of it has been translated into English.”
The family tree I have traces only the line from my grandfather Akana Chan Luke aka Luke Chan aka Luke Kwai Chun. Would you like a copy? I recall you father attending my dad’s memorial service. Everyone was so very honored. – Rebekah

19 01 2021

Dear Rebekah,
I believe we are related. My father is Theodore Luke. His father is William Luke, born in Maui. I don’t have a family tree, but if I keep looking around our old house, I may find one and figure out how we’re related.
Your art journey is marvelous. One day I’d like to visit your studio…
Cheers and aloha, Dorette

8 12 2018
Rebekah's Studio

K.Y. Lum and K.H. Lum are my first cousins on maternal side. Our moms were sisters. ʻĀinakea is our ancestral homeland. I am descended from the Lukes born on Maui. Merry Christmas!

3 12 2018
Hank Guerrero

Aloha, Rebekah, saw your blog…you’re related to KW Lum? I live in Hawi (Kaauhuhu Homestead)and know of the Luke name. I retired here (from HNL) and just love it! Hank

29 05 2013
Rebekah's Studio

So you found the studio! I’m surprised at how long I’ve been blogging. You may use the search box in the right sidebar to look up any topic. Are you successful in making hau cordage? If you would like to see my paintings or come for a Reiki session at the physical address, I will be happy to give you an appointment. Mahalo!

29 05 2013
Janet L. Clark

Hi Rebekah, I stumbled on your blog while searching the internet for instructions on how to make hau cordage. I too am from Ka’a’awa, and am a photographer who loves crafts. Would love to meet you someday. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Me ke aloha

15 02 2012
Rebekah's Studio

You’re welcome.

14 02 2012
Chris McIntosh

I am enjoying reading your blog. You are so talented and inspirational. Thank you for sharing it.

3 10 2010
Rebekah's Studio

Hi Elsbeth! We miss you at glee! I am sure when I see Peaches I’ll know who she is. I know the name. Just haven’t connected it with her face. Thanks for visiting.

3 10 2010

Aloha! I sang with the glee club (alto) until I moved to the Big Island a year ago. I love your blog and your creativity with it so I will visit often. I have a dear friend, Peaches Bettencourt, who live is Ka’a’awa too; since it is such a small place I wondered if you know her. Currently she is in the hospital hoping to return home soon. Thank you for this.

28 08 2009

Cool. Yes, we must wish husband, puppy and cat well because blogging means less time with them.

28 08 2009
Loris Waters

Love everything about your site … good wishes to you all – husband, puppy and cat.
Loris and Ace

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