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23 03 2022
Rebekah Luke

Dear Luann,
I just now picked up your message of 2/8/2022! I apologize. If you go to and do a search for “sweet memories” you will find Part 1 after (that is, UNDER) Part 2. Thank you so much for your interest.

8 02 2022
Luann Foos

I was unable to find part 1 from the “Sweet memories and coming home, part 2.
Is their any way I could get a copy, or find the article? Mahalo

17 10 2021
Rebekah Luke


17 10 2021
Rebekah Luke

Aloha! I just found this message. Sure, I’ll remove the photos if I can find them. What was the date?

25 08 2021
Jason and Natalia Brown

Dear Rebekah,

I hope you’ve been doing well.

We wanted to ask if you could kindly remove our (my and Jason’s) wedding photos from your blog. We are more concerned about privacy these days, and we don’t want our wedding photos staying on the internet in perpetuity. (One of my employers asked me about these photos, which I found surprising.)

If you could help us with this, we would greatly appreciate it. We understand your intent behind this posting and that you did not intend anything improper at all. Thank you so much for your help and understanding!

Best wishes,
Jason and Natalia

9 05 2020
Sayaka Fujimura

Hello, I’m Sayaka Fujimura, living in Tokyo Japan. I’m thinking to purchase your painting LAVA FLOWS TO THE SEA diptych, Volcano Series or ŌHIʻA LEHUA diptych, Volcano Series — 2018.
Could you please let me know their availability?

Sayaka Fujimura

29 01 2019
Rebekah's Studio

Dear Terri—Joseph Dowson died in 2013. I suggest contacting his daughter Ipō Nihipali, who also is an artist and educator, for suggestions. She may wish to have it back. She could possibly tell you what the piece is worth. You may look her using Google or Facebook. -Rebekah Luke

21 01 2019
Terri Keller

Hello! My daughter’s great grandmother lived in Hawaii in the 60’s. I have a painting by Joseph Dowson from 1968. I want to put it to good use and have it appreciated. My phone number is 504-247-8348.

27 08 2015
Rebekah's Studio

Dear Debra,
Thank you for your question, a good one! Without seeing the piece that you have, my guess is that it might be a preliminary sketch for the portrait now in Kawaiahao Church. You can compare the sketch to the one in the church; is it similar? Given that Patric was a well-known artist and that Liliuokalani is a historical figure, it does have value, and some might say “priceless.” Obviously, the two women lived in different times, so Patric did not paint from life; that is a consideration. But, I think works by Patric are collectible. You might contact Patric’s granddaughter who commented previously on my blog post “Alii Sunday” for more information, or check with an auction house. The provenance of, or story behind, the work contributes to value.

23 08 2015
Debra Turner

Helo Rebekah,

I have an original oil on D’Arches Paper of Queen Liliuokalani by Patric Bauernschmidt and was hoping you could steer me in the right direction about it’s value….she is very hard to find online. Thank you in advance.

25 06 2011
Rebekah's Studio

Thank you so very much for the good news. I am very happy!

25 06 2011
tomquinlanThomas A Quinlan

Your family house is still alive and well in Kohala.
I moved it to a friends place so that it could be cared for and restored.
That is exactly what is happening. It is looking beautiful. I will send you photos if you like.
Thomas A. Quinlan
Historic Properties Services, LLC.
Suzuki/Morgan Architects, Ltd.
General Contractor BC25716
P.O. Box 6226
Kamuela, Hawaii 96743
Tel: (808) 987-4488

Historic Properties Services, LLC

A Consortium of Architects, Archaeologists, General Contractors & Historic Preservation Specialists working together to make our past a living and useful part of the present through education, preservation, restoration, reconstruction and adaptive reuse of our architectural heritage.

25 07 2010
Kevin Andrews

I just wanted to wish you all the best with your wedding ministry in Hawaii! Thanks for mentioning your affiliation with the Universal Life Church ( We are proud to have you as an ambassador to the good people of Hawaii!

10 01 2010

Aloha e Kapua,
That’s a great quote! Thank you! Hope to surface soon!

9 01 2010
Kapua Chang

Aloha my friend,
Came across your site, just want to wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you’re feeling better soon. One of my favorite quotes that gets me through the junk days: “We can’t change the wind, but we can adjust our sails.” Lots of Aloha.

2 01 2010

Paul, you have a very interesting concept in your website. Folks who are interested can go to and click on the Danube to see the 360-degree panoramic images of the river in other seasons; or click on the main menu tabs at the top. That was pretty interesting to see what the places looked like under the snow and in the daylight! Thanks for the info.

2 01 2010
Paul Stewart

Absolutely love the “20 views from my porthole”…
Would like to post a link to say go look at an image on The Danube at Mouth to Source.
I’m based in Phnom Penh and shoot panoramas. Most imaging is along the Mekong.
All the best for 2010.

20 12 2009
Betty Helwig

Have a good trip back home. We saw a travellogue on the Christmas markets of Germany and Austria on TV 2 different times this week. Envy you the experience.
Love, Betty and Joe

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