8 01 2022

E holomua kākou! Let’s make progress!

What’s missing from this photo are the several birds that flew by my window and their morning matin.

My weekly Hawaiian language classes start up again this morning. I enjoy being the student. The papa (class) usually starts with ”Heaha ka mea hou?”, what’s new?

Well, we are still having class via Zoom, and we are starting to read and translate nā piliolana, biographies. After several years, the focus is on reading aloud and fluid pronunciation. I think singing Hawaiian songs most of my life and the love of Hawaiian music in my family was/is an advantage, as it comes easily to me. This morning’s tribute is to the late Bina Mossman, whose legacy includes well-known music compositions including ”Niu Hao Hao,” ”He Ono,” ”Ka Pua Uʻi,” ”Stevedore Hula,” ”Hele Au I Kaleponi,” ”Kuʻu Lei,” ”Mapuana Kuʻualoha,” and “Laʻelaʻe.”

E kanikapila kākou! Let’s make music to help us progress.

~ Rebekah

Welcome 2022

31 12 2021

Last year was quite a year, wasn’t it? While we may have lost friends and relatives, we will not be sad for too long, because the new year has blessings for us. We used to set new year’s resolutions. Then there were affirmations. This year I would like to suggest setting intentions. Here are mine, on a vision board reminiscent of a bubble chart. You can make one, too, as fancy or as unfancy as you like. Here is my vision board.

Gratefully yours, and with love,


Rebekah’s vision board

Merry 2021 Christmas!

24 12 2021

We wish you a safe and happy holiday with you and yours, wherever they may be.

Rebekah, DH, and JJ in Kaaawa, Hawaii

Countdown to Christmas

18 12 2021

“Did your mom always give you a birthday party?” I asked Pete, because he was born on December 20, so near to Christmas. “Always,” he said. And tonight we will celebrate a big birthday with dinner for eight. This begins our December holiday season.

Actually, it started on the 16th when high school friends and The Band Tantalus augmented by Ned on second guitar and Wendall on keyboard came over sing “carols at the spinet,” so to speak, to play music or kanikapila as we say in Hawaiian.


Tonight is the birthday dinner at home. Three other couples are coming, meaning table settings for eight. We will sing again, I’m sure. Four are choristers eager to practice Handel’s “Messiah.” Two of us will sing sections of it Sunday evening with our community choir at our director’s home. It is a performance for ourselves, unless the plan changes at the last minute. This year we are mindful of the pandemic viruses.

Monday, Pete’s actual birth-DAY, our two granddaughters come over for the whole day. They are on winter break from school. We’re baking sugar cookies (easy peasy with store-bought refrigerated cookie dough) and making fresh Christmas garlands.

For Christmas Eve day, a friend is hosting a party for another friend whose birthday is coming up. Party, party!

Looking at the Christmas tree, I see presents await. That’s the countdown to Christmas Day!



Friends, coffee, and art

4 12 2021

Today and tomorrow I am happy to share space at ARTS at Marks Garage, 1159 Nuuanu Ave., in Honolulu Chinatown. Bernadette Chan and I are peddling ceramics and repros, and Nathan is here serving fancy coffee at his Cool Beans Coffee Shop. come and see us! ~Rebekah

Dinner for 10

26 11 2021

We are so very blessed and grateful to have family and friends with whom to share a Thanksgiving Day meal. Mom is in her mid-90s now. Everyone helped to prepare the food. Love to all.


Trees on the lane

13 10 2021

The plants around me are catching my attention these days. On this drizzly morning I took a walk along the lane and noticed the trees. Only the avocado thought it might be Autumn as it is in North America. But in Hawaiʻi, it’s Hoʻoilo, or the wet season.

Royal Palm
Maʻafala Breadfruit

As always, be well!

~ Rebekah

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