Lei-making technique for table decor

15 07 2021

Katrina and her mom want to make lei for a couple of yachts arriving at Waikīkī in the TransPac yacht race later this month, and they sought me for coaching. Coincidentally, I planned to fashion table decorations for the 97th Anniversary party of the Koʻolauloa Hawaiian Civic Club tonight, so I suggested they watch me demonstrate the technique. We met under the gazebo at Kaneohe Yacht Club. The two took step-by-step photos and quizzed me about plant material.

The colors of the Koʻolauloa Hawaiian Civic Club are green and yellow. (Katrina Molenda photo))
Light green ti leaves, Song of Singapore, and lime puff blossoms comprise this table decoration. I used 24-gauge paddle wire from a floral/craft supply store to fasten the material together.


Only a few summer fruits

11 07 2021

So far there are not many mangoes, avocados, passion fruits, breadfruits, nor calamansi in the garden this summer. Is the reason insects, weather, and/or lack of fertilizer? How many can you find in these photos?

Haden mango
Maʻafala breadfruit
Lilikoʻi (passion fruit)

I’m grateful, nevertheless.

Be well!



That was fun!

5 06 2021

Family and friends, art appreciators, customers, patrons, and angels attended the Opening Reception for the “Collage & Clay” exhibit, now showing through June 25, 2021, at The Arts at Marks Garage in Honolulu.

It was hosted by Dan Fox-Aregger in memory of his wife and my art teacher and mentor Susan Rogers-Aregger. Pianist Joerg Alfter entertained, and sales appeared to be brisk as the gallery staff continued to write up sales tickets.

Here are my paintings created with hand-dyed tissue paper.

“Lava Flows to the Sea” (top) and “Coconut Trees Backlit by Volcanic Glow” diptych (bottom)
Collage paintings and 3D works in clay comprise this colorful art exhibit.



Come to the show!

26 05 2021
Artworks will be on display through all of June.

My cohorts and I create paintings from hand-dyed tissue paper after our teacher the late Susan Rogers-Aregger. I am fond of the piece above entitled “Crater View” that I made of the volcano.

Artists, front L to R: Dorothy Brennan, Rebekah Luke, Florence Aoyama, Rob Boolukos. Back L to R: Joy Ritchey, Peggy Hoefer, Karen Kim, Maite Bonis, Faye Maeshiro

~ Rebekah

Mango season

22 05 2021

Mango season has begun, and I can’t wait until it’s full on. This is how I like to prepare the fruit for eating. See the design repeat of the waffles?


~ Rebekah

Honoring mothers

9 05 2021

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone, even to the fathers out there who are single parenting. Today I share two cherished photos: my mother in her Mandarin jacket, and her mother wearing her coolie hat in the victory garden of “the big house on Beretania street.” If you look closely, you can see a small fry, either cousin Mildred or Muriel, peeking out the window.

Tsya Po

I wish to recognize, too, my hānai Mom Ivalee.


I love you.

~ Rebekah

Moon over Makaua

28 04 2021
9:24 pm, April 26, 2021, by Rebekah Luke, at Makaua, Oahu

For the record, here are images from the past two nights of the bright light that kept me awake, the Supermoon. The one above was made from my front yard, and the one below was made through the window while in bed around 1:30 a.m. on April 28, 2021.

“Mahealani” is the word for “full moon” in Hawaiian. — Rebekah Luke photo

Embrace the energy!

~ Rebekah

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