Happy St. Valentine’s Day

14 02 2021

I picked these blossoms from the garden just for you. Happy St. Valentine’s Day!
~ ♥️ Rebekah

Sharing from a friend ~ thank you

12 01 2021

Christmas nip in the air

7 12 2020

Staying home because I really don’t want to get sick with the COVID virus, I’ve had to put a moratorium on my online shopping for Christmas gifts. It’s almost too late, but I rationalize that I am not spending money on gasoline for the car or eating out at restaurants.

One room here has been designated “Santa’s Workshop” with gift wrapping and mailing supplies and an area for incoming “no peeking” packages. Quite a few for a big family.

Yesterday our neighbor Eddie presented us with a bag of carambola starfruit—as a kid we called them five fingers. I got up early this morning to process into tangy pickles after a Better Homes and Gardens recipe. I see that I’m out of whole cinnamon sticks, so that means I’ll be sending our designated shopper (DH) out to get some.

Carambola from Eddie

When sliced crosswise, you can see why they are called starfruit

A wonderful gift is one that you make yourself. Merry Christmas! Love,


Mid Autumn moon

14 09 2019

3 a.m. and the rooster is crowing! May all your dreams come true.

Mid Autumn moon sets behind the Koolau Mountains at Makaua

Gau recipe

6 02 2019

Kung Hee Fat Choy, studio fans! Here is the recipe for Chinese Gau, compliments of my Aunty Yun. My company Chong Hee Books published it in Everyone, Eat Slowly: The Chong Family Food Book.



I see Santa

25 12 2018

Merry Christmas from all of us at the studio! ~ DH, JJ, and Rebekah

Thanksgiving 2018

22 11 2018

So much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Rebekah’s Studio. Stay cozy!

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