A balance of light and energy

20 01 2012

For the past few days I’ve done the things I like to do. There seems to be a balance of energy around me, and I feel well! This is my 200th blog post to you!

A photo panoramic view of Lanihuli peak from Luluku on a sunshiny winter day. I've made several paintings in oil of the vicinity. I like to paint in the landscape as much as I like to blog. Access is from Ho‘omaluhia Botanical Garden. Please see the painted images below.

I had a Reiki client this morning, too. That is great for my being. Then I was glad to get some nice email from some folks I hadn’t heard from for a while.

The studio is clean, that is, clean enough that I’m not going crazy with clutter, and I’m expecting my cousin Jim this afternoon when we will continue working on a new book about our family, my grandparents’ clan.

I’m on track with writing the lesson plans for the Painting classes I’m teaching starting February.

DH and I are sleeping very well since moving our bed back to the original master bedroom that we vacated to accommodate my aging father (1914-2003) and later Miss Marvelous, while her parents worked and she was not yet in school. Anticipating the kids’ move to Italy in a month or so, we disassembled the crib and moved back in after almost 10 years.

The feng shui is better in the living area, thanks to a simple rearrangement of furniture to allow for a freer flow of energy.

I’m eating more sensibly since the holidays, though enjoying Chinese New Year food, and, at this very moment, the aches and pains of aging are non-existent. I’m listening to soothing harp music and not a ball game on TV.

Yesterday I painted with the Thursday group and got some good critique from Val and Naomi, who paint differently from the way I paint, but they have good eyes and suggestions to improve the canvas I’m working on—a morning scene of Kuilima Cove on the North Shore.

I was sorry I didn’t bring a large blank canvas, for the vog gave way in the morning to clear skies and a spectacular landscape in the top photo that I should have been painting instead. I snapped two pictures with my iPhone. After posting them on Facebook, Kelley commented the mountain scene was so beautiful to her. I agreed. Nature in the right light. Yo posted she almost mistook them for one of my paintings.

In fact, I have painted scenes from this place on other occasions, and surely will paint another now that I can see the mountain up to the top, for there were few clouds, and definite form and cast shadows from a point source—the sun!

"Banyan Shade," 16" x 20"oil on canvas

"Clouds Lifting Over Lanihuli," 16"x 20" oil on canvas

"View of the Koolau Mountains" by Rebekah Luke. Richard Guy Collection.

"Golden Retreat at Ho'omaluhia," 11" x 14" oil on canvas

Reiki blessings to you!

Copyright 2012 Rebekah Luke

Today’s my birthday, I feel like a wreck

9 01 2010

Today’s my birthday, and I feel like a wreck.

Yesterday Pat, Irma, and Becky came to cheer me up. They brought flowers, smoothies, presents, and cupcakes! That did make me feel better, and DH said he hadn’t seen me that lively since we came home from our trip.

That was around Dec. 27. Although home, sweet home, and having had a ball on a once in a lifetime vacation, my body experienced an excruciating  pain that I can’t recall ever having in my life. My body is crooked, and my range of motion limited. I feel weak.

A trip to the emergency room and a follow-up visit to an M.D. pronounced it’s not H1N1 but likely a virus or a combination of things. Viruses last about 7 to 10 days, she said. Today is day 14. So I’m baffled. Not a whole lot of change.

Michael, my neighbor, claims he had the bug, and that Sandra, his wife who is a flight attendant, had it twice. It’s from the airplane, he said. And coming home from Vienna to Honolulu, I was on a lot of planes. Will the pain go away? He promised it would.

Heal thyself, DH reminds me, the Reiki master. Right. My reading of the spiritual CNN says the first half of January will be rough. No kidding!

I’m so grateful for my family and friends and that I’m where the climate is warm.

I do have an appointment with my naturopath today who’s fixed me up before. I am wondering if it could be something mechanical (something of my body physically out of line) or an underlying allergy that might be preventing me from being well. Dr. Burke practices acupuncture, that works with the same energy as Reiki, and Chinese medicine too.

I have my hopes up for some relief to bring me back into balance. That would be a wonderful birthday present.

Copyright 2010 Rebekah Luke

Feeling out of sorts

28 10 2009

With information coming in from all around, I’ve been feeling out of sorts these past few days. I’m worried that I’m backsliding to my old ways of allowing outside forces to disrupt my practice of being peace. What happened to being in the present (Eckhardt Tolle), taking 15 minutes to do anything (FlyLady), and going with the flow?

My flow and my routine have been interrupted, but rather than stew about it, I’ve finally decided to write it down in this post. Writing is literary art, and as with any art, one keeps working at it to improve, spending time on task. Like a painting, a piece of writing evolves. Writing can be therapeutic too. So here goes. What might be bugging me?

The information that is coming in is of a spiritual nature, from meditating, dreaming, reading, and other people. It’s from practicing the “relax, open, and smile” of qigong. Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it shall be given to you. Right in front of you. Oh, boy! I trust myself and the messages. I welcome them, but I want to take time to sort them out.

In the past seven days I learned that Alan Holt Jr. (art fan), David P. Eldredge (teacher), and Norman Bode (neighbor) died. I can’t say I was close to any of these Hawaiians, but each did touch my heart in his unique way, and I knew he cared. I guess I’m grieving. I remember what the intuitive Camille said to me: “You came into this life to assist with grief, but it is not appropriate to take other people’s grief.” (Okay)

I’m slightly anxious about my eyes. Nothing serious, but the optometrist recommended I visit the ophthalmologist about a wayward eyelash that’s the apparent cause of chronic irritation. So I’ve made an appointment. (Good)

Regarding my body, some aches have returned. Is it something mechanical like my chair? Not enough tai chi—I skipped a couple of classes—or too much? The TMB syndrome (Too Many Birthdays)? Was it from Stephen’s guided meditation last week when I sent a grounding chord from my root chakra at the base of my spine to the middle of the earth? (Hmmm)

Could the soreness be from carrying our baby granddaughter? Ayla, who is an absolute delight, and her entourage come to the studio four days a week now, and I get to do some weight lifting. It’s a very pleasant distraction, though. This week DH and I introduce her to my favorite food, poi. (Wonderful)

Or maybe it’s the shoes thing. Now that’s a problem. I don’t like to wear shoes, at least not the closed-toe kind. I’m hard to fit, my toes need to be able to wiggle and breathe, and recently I haven’t found any that are comfortable, supportive, and stylish. This matters because in six weeks I’ll be on my way to Austria where I will be on a boat as well as on cobblestone streets, and where both the air and the ground will be much too cold to wear sandals like I do in Hawaii. I have large feet, thanks to my Hawaiian and Hakka Chinese genes combined. They’re not just long, they are wide. Wider than M, but not as wide as W, depending. I’ll probably end up turning my trusty lavender snow boots into all occasion footwear and let it go at that. (Good bet)

Lately, too, I’ve added the Ka Lahui Hawaii website, http://kalahuihawaii.wordpress.com, to my “want to do” list.

I want to make and sell more paintings, and . . .

Hey, you know what?! I think I need some REIKI! Can anybody come out on Friday? It will be my treat.

Copyright 2009 Rebekah Luke

Reiki is a complementary therapy that balances a person’s mind, body, spirit and emotions. For more information, click on REIKI HEALING BY OELEN in the menu bar.  Or view my 9/3/09 post “Learning about energy healing.” Our healing space in Kaaawa is open on Friday. Call first to let us know if you’re coming. 808 237-7185.

Announcing Reiki Fridays

22 09 2009

UPDATE 11/29/09 —My regular Reiki Fridays services in Kaaawa will resume in January 2010. Thank you ~ Oe-Len

UPDATE 9/25/09 — On Friday, October 2, 2009, I will be giving Reiki demos at the Pohai Nani Health Fair, 45-090 Namoku Street, Kaneohe, Oahu. The event is open to the community. Come and check it out. While there you can view Ipo Nihipali’s “KOOLAU!” Refer to the post “Sweet memories and coming home, part 2.”

For new and returning visitors to Rebekah’s Studio, I cordially announce again that Oelen’s healing space in Kaaawa, Oahu, is open regularly for Reiki sessions on Fridays, except in the month of December. Appointments are appreciated, and free will donations are accepted. Please click on Reiki Healing by Oelen in the menu bar for details and contact info. In addition, my 9/3/09 post “Learning about energy healing” provides more background. I invite you to take advantage of the service. Leave your cares of the week behind and start the weekend relaxed, balanced, and with renewed energy! Thank you ~ Oe-Len

Gratitude for my abundant garden

8 09 2009

You can tell how healthy people are by looking at their gardens. Not just their physical health, but their mental, spiritual, and emotional health too. If they’re flourishing, maikai (good)! If they are weedy, drying, or less neat, then perhaps something is out of balance.*  Whenever I pay attention to my garden and take care of the aina (land), my family is rewarded with an abundance of food and beauty. Tending my garden is a way I meditate.

My family is committed to growing some food, eating healthier, and living well. This year we invested in good soil mix, planter boxes, bird netting, a worm farm, and natural slug repellent. The late summer months into September have yielded a small but satisfying crop by the studio. We were blessed with Manoa lettuce, bok choy, long squash, sweet potato, papaya, mango, avocado, noni, basil, garlic chives, rosemary, olena (turmeric), calamondin, mint, dill and cilantro.



Bok Choy

Bok Choy



Hayden Mango

Hayden Mango

He'e (Octopus)

He'e (Octopus)

To Native Hawaiians, the aina includes the sea. One recent morning while walking along Kaaawa beach, I saw this bounty of freshly caught octopus hanging out to dry. Wow!

Mahalo e ke Akua!

Copyright 2009 Rebekah Luke

* Reiki can be a powerful way to bring things back into balance. Click on REIKI HEALING BY OELEN on the menu bar for more information.

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