Feeling out of sorts

28 10 2009

With information coming in from all around, I’ve been feeling out of sorts these past few days. I’m worried that I’m backsliding to my old ways of allowing outside forces to disrupt my practice of being peace. What happened to being in the present (Eckhardt Tolle), taking 15 minutes to do anything (FlyLady), and going with the flow?

My flow and my routine have been interrupted, but rather than stew about it, I’ve finally decided to write it down in this post. Writing is literary art, and as with any art, one keeps working at it to improve, spending time on task. Like a painting, a piece of writing evolves. Writing can be therapeutic too. So here goes. What might be bugging me?

The information that is coming in is of a spiritual nature, from meditating, dreaming, reading, and other people. It’s from practicing the “relax, open, and smile” of qigong. Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it shall be given to you. Right in front of you. Oh, boy! I trust myself and the messages. I welcome them, but I want to take time to sort them out.

In the past seven days I learned that Alan Holt Jr. (art fan), David P. Eldredge (teacher), and Norman Bode (neighbor) died. I can’t say I was close to any of these Hawaiians, but each did touch my heart in his unique way, and I knew he cared. I guess I’m grieving. I remember what the intuitive Camille said to me: “You came into this life to assist with grief, but it is not appropriate to take other people’s grief.” (Okay)

I’m slightly anxious about my eyes. Nothing serious, but the optometrist recommended I visit the ophthalmologist about a wayward eyelash that’s the apparent cause of chronic irritation. So I’ve made an appointment. (Good)

Regarding my body, some aches have returned. Is it something mechanical like my chair? Not enough tai chi—I skipped a couple of classes—or too much? The TMB syndrome (Too Many Birthdays)? Was it from Stephen’s guided meditation last week when I sent a grounding chord from my root chakra at the base of my spine to the middle of the earth? (Hmmm)

Could the soreness be from carrying our baby granddaughter? Ayla, who is an absolute delight, and her entourage come to the studio four days a week now, and I get to do some weight lifting. It’s a very pleasant distraction, though. This week DH and I introduce her to my favorite food, poi. (Wonderful)

Or maybe it’s the shoes thing. Now that’s a problem. I don’t like to wear shoes, at least not the closed-toe kind. I’m hard to fit, my toes need to be able to wiggle and breathe, and recently I haven’t found any that are comfortable, supportive, and stylish. This matters because in six weeks I’ll be on my way to Austria where I will be on a boat as well as on cobblestone streets, and where both the air and the ground will be much too cold to wear sandals like I do in Hawaii. I have large feet, thanks to my Hawaiian and Hakka Chinese genes combined. They’re not just long, they are wide. Wider than M, but not as wide as W, depending. I’ll probably end up turning my trusty lavender snow boots into all occasion footwear and let it go at that. (Good bet)

Lately, too, I’ve added the Ka Lahui Hawaii website, http://kalahuihawaii.wordpress.com, to my “want to do” list.

I want to make and sell more paintings, and . . .

Hey, you know what?! I think I need some REIKI! Can anybody come out on Friday? It will be my treat.

Copyright 2009 Rebekah Luke

Reiki is a complementary therapy that balances a person’s mind, body, spirit and emotions. For more information, click on REIKI HEALING BY OELEN in the menu bar.  Or view my 9/3/09 post “Learning about energy healing.” Our healing space in Kaaawa is open on Friday. Call first to let us know if you’re coming. 808 237-7185.

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