Today’s my birthday, I feel like a wreck

9 01 2010

Today’s my birthday, and I feel like a wreck.

Yesterday Pat, Irma, and Becky came to cheer me up. They brought flowers, smoothies, presents, and cupcakes! That did make me feel better, and DH said he hadn’t seen me that lively since we came home from our trip.

That was around Dec. 27. Although home, sweet home, and having had a ball on a once in a lifetime vacation, my body experienced an excruciating  pain that I can’t recall ever having in my life. My body is crooked, and my range of motion limited. I feel weak.

A trip to the emergency room and a follow-up visit to an M.D. pronounced it’s not H1N1 but likely a virus or a combination of things. Viruses last about 7 to 10 days, she said. Today is day 14. So I’m baffled. Not a whole lot of change.

Michael, my neighbor, claims he had the bug, and that Sandra, his wife who is a flight attendant, had it twice. It’s from the airplane, he said. And coming home from Vienna to Honolulu, I was on a lot of planes. Will the pain go away? He promised it would.

Heal thyself, DH reminds me, the Reiki master. Right. My reading of the spiritual CNN says the first half of January will be rough. No kidding!

I’m so grateful for my family and friends and that I’m where the climate is warm.

I do have an appointment with my naturopath today who’s fixed me up before. I am wondering if it could be something mechanical (something of my body physically out of line) or an underlying allergy that might be preventing me from being well. Dr. Burke practices acupuncture, that works with the same energy as Reiki, and Chinese medicine too.

I have my hopes up for some relief to bring me back into balance. That would be a wonderful birthday present.

Copyright 2010 Rebekah Luke



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