Announcement: Sign up for the Unlimited Reiki System of Natural Healing

11 02 2019
Reiki Master Teachers Rebekah Luke and Lori A. Wong are set to offer Reiki Intensive classes on March 17 and March 24, 2019, both Sundays during Spring Break, at Rebekah’s healing space in Kaaawa, Oahu. Both women are certified independent Reiki masters from Dr. Mikao Usui through Mrs. Hawayo Takata.

You are invited to learn the “Unlimited Reiki System of Natural Healing” to help heal, harmonize, and balance the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Reiki is the universal life force energy found in all living things. Please share this notice with your friends who may be interested in the training, too, and we can have a larger class.

Classes are as follows:

     REIKI LEVEL I (Healing on the Physical Body Level, Yourself & Others)—March 17, 2019, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
     REIKI LEVEL II (Healing on the Mental and Emotional Levels, Distance Healing) and REIKI LEVEL III (Master Certification; Teacher Certification)—March 24, 2019, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
     Both classes will be held at 51-151 Kaaawa Park Lane, Kaaawa, HI 96730.
Tuition of $150 for each class is payable in advance, and it includes training, materials, initiation, attunements, and certification. Lunch and healthy snacks will be served.
To register, please phone or text Rebekah at 808 220-9642 or reply to by the end of February 2019. Send a deposit check of $50 to be applied to your tuition by February 28 to Rebekah Luke, P.O. Box 574, Kaaawa HI 96730. VISA and MasterCard are accepted. When you have registered, you will receive a confirmation by email.
In gratitude,
Lori A. Wong and Rebekah Luke


Resume play

7 01 2015

It’s time to hit the Resume Play button of my life. The elves have left to help someone else.

Indeed, it feels like a brand new life. The 12-month year for me starts on my birthday this Friday. Then I’ll turn 66. With much gratitude I say good-bye to 66 years (especially the year 2014) and say hello to today.

Since DH’s birthday on Dec. 20—we had a little party here on the 21st—so much has occurred, I really don’t remember exactly what, nor am I able to put the events in chronological order. No matter. That was yesterday.

Since the fire and for the last nine days, New Year’s Day and Sunday excepting, a professional after-fire cleaning crew has been at the studio, removing soot and odor from everything inside the structure. Four to nine people at a time, depending on the tasks. Such hard workers. I called them elves.

What a blessing. This morning, when I awoke, the din of the four air scrubber machines was gone. I could hear the birds and the surf again. The air smelled sweet. I had slept soundly through the night. I could look forward to a day with no visitors (perhaps?).

I can’t find any-Thing, but I know it is here somewhere and that it is clean!

“Sorry, we rearranged your things,” one of the elves said smiling. The cool thing is, I like the rearrangement. When I go through my things systematically in one direction to find something and come across something I don’t need any more, I toss it into the trash or set it aside to re-bless someone else. And, truthfully, I don’t need much.

In a new setting, I can keep only what I need or what brings me joy!

Some of the things are in cardboard boxes because the elves did a partial “pack out.” It was obvious to them the next step was a kitchen renovation. The result is “out of sight, out of mind.”

The clichés have meaning: “Every dark cloud has a silver lining.” “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” “Fire purifies.” “Out with the old, in with the new.” “Let it go.”

To keep my feet on the ground and because I like to honor commitments, I’ll resume teaching and writing in a few days, but that’s it. I can say Aloha to the past, start over, reset, choose to (re)act in a new way to events in my life and create a different and joyful experience.

Thank you, dear friends. I’ll certainly keep you.

Copyright 2015 Rebekah Luke



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