Ready for the next phase

31 01 2013

Where, oh, where is Rebekah? Missing in action, making peace with my past. I’m going down memory lane, culling through old stuff for cherished souvenirs to keep (again), and tossing out a LOT. Streamlining the studio and getting ready for the new lunar year.

Three art classes and one music workshop to teach loom. I must create the proper space for new pupils! My life has turned a corner, for sure, and I can’t wait for the unfolding.

I’m glad I asked for help. I put out the call to my Facebook friends who gave me some good ideas on how to make more room and deal with the remnants of my many and varied life phases. Haha, I can call them that now. Phases.

My wish for you is that you, too, will throw away some clutter today, let go of the past that no longer serves you, be present, and be well!

Copyright 2013 Rebekah Luke

One-car family

18 05 2012

Mechanic, DH, and the tow truck driver figuring the Toyota’s fate

Starting Sunday we will be a one-car family. DH has found a buyer for his pickup. He sold it to Joe, the first of eight people who replied in the first 15 minutes to his Craigslist ad for parts.

We’ll try to make it work. It can’t be too bad. We’re just two people, two dogs, and sometimes a complaining cat.

The truck doesn’t run anymore. The mechanic pronounced it unsafe if proper repairs weren’t made, and after much thought DH has decided to give it up. He drove it to take the dogs to the beach, haul stuff to the dump, and drive to the museum where he’s a docent once a week. But lately he’s been driving the Prius there to save on gas. Sometimes he took TheBus.

Recently I took TheBus from the studio to glee club practice. It was easy. I went online and entered my address, destination, and arrival time for a list of several routes to choose from.

TheBus was on time, and the transfer connection was great. The ride took an hour and 50 minutes — an hour longer than in a car — but I didn’t have to drive, got to look at the scenery, and the fare was $2.50.

A few days ago DH went to TheBus Pass Office on Middle street to buy a senior annual pass. Only $30 for the whole year! Seniority has its privileges! As a newish iPhone user, he also discovered the bus information on the map app. With a little planning, and because he has time, this could work.

So we’re going to give it a try, this one-car family bit. DH is thinking of the money he’ll save to put toward a trip to Italy to see Miss Marvelous and family. My friends say I’ll be giving up my independence. I’m thinking less is more.  We shall see.

Copyright 2011 Rebekah Luke

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