Ready for the next phase

31 01 2013

Where, oh, where is Rebekah? Missing in action, making peace with my past. I’m going down memory lane, culling through old stuff for cherished souvenirs to keep (again), and tossing out a LOT. Streamlining the studio and getting ready for the new lunar year.

Three art classes and one music workshop to teach loom. I must create the proper space for new pupils! My life has turned a corner, for sure, and I can’t wait for the unfolding.

I’m glad I asked for help. I put out the call to my Facebook friends who gave me some good ideas on how to make more room and deal with the remnants of my many and varied life phases. Haha, I can call them that now. Phases.

My wish for you is that you, too, will throw away some clutter today, let go of the past that no longer serves you, be present, and be well!

Copyright 2013 Rebekah Luke



4 responses

31 01 2013
Rebekah's Studio

Or you could create a blog site on and be your own curator. Does that ring a bell, Kelley? Haha. Good luck on your new website. Please come back and visit often. We bloggers need to stick together.

31 01 2013
Rebekah's Studio

I agree, pictures are hard. I once had a photography business and maintained client files that I am now planning to give to the clients if I can find them. Since I have many cousin relatives, family photos find their way to me. Those I may pass on to the younger generation soon, as I do not have any direct heirs. Those silver gelatin prints are long lasting! Always date your prints, at least with the year. Thanks for stopping by, Kelley O!

31 01 2013

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could each have our own museum, or a family museum? Then we could give it all to our curator who would display our lives for us to visit whenever we’re feeling a bit nostalgic!

31 01 2013

Pictures are the hardest.

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