Good fortune gathers at our door

18 02 2010

Good fortune at our front door

The Lunar New Year of the Tiger began on Valentine’s Day. That Sunday I spent a joyful time with some girl friends — eating Chinese jai, noodles, and dim sum from the cart; and exchanging Valentine surprises.

During the lunch my Reiki teacher Lori placed her hand on my back for the most awesome Reiki healing I have ever experienced — a strong warm vibrating energy. When the vibration stopped, the channeling ended, it was enough.

I feel well! Pretty amazing.

It was opening day for the sailing season at the yacht club, so afterward I went down to watch the festivities. The race had started, by handicap rating, and DH was crewing on the yacht Mariah. When I got to the starting line at the bulkhead, the boat had not yet cast off, and lucky me, I was invited to climb aboard for a ride. It was a beautiful afternoon on Kaneohe Bay, and owner Ken skippered Mariah to a first-place win!

Then DH and I drove over the pali to share dinner with our extended family, including David and Cherie from Anchorage, Alaska. David, retired and my contemporary, and his wife Cherie, who still works but apparently can do it from anywhere as long as she has her computer and her cell phone, are crisscrossing the country to check in on their adult kids, grandkids, and help their aging parents. As experienced travelers, they planned to drive through the winter snow and not hassle with airlines for their next travel leg on the continent. (Visions of our December travel delays!)

A cute card arrived in the mail from Seattle — an original brush painting of a smiling tiger’s face by artist-poet Alan Chong Lau with a wish from him and his wife Kazuko for a Happy New Year of the Tiger! Since becoming China travel mates in 2005 we’ve received a drawing of the zodiac animal each new year. Every time I look at this year’s smiling tiger, I smile back!

My neighbor across the street and up the hill, Thomas, teaches kung fu. Yesterday while I was watering the orchids, he stopped in his truck and asked how my tai chi practice was going. Obviously passionate about tai chi, he got out of the truck in the middle of the road to explain the whys and to show the hows of some postures. I was so grateful to learn a bit more about the life energy.

I feel I’ve had such good fortune these first few days of the new year. May all good fortune gather at your front door too.

Copyright 2010 Rebekah Luke

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