Last night

31 03 2013
Moonlight sonata
wakes me at three forty-five
streams in my window
Silence of peacocks
differs from the night before’s
loud cacophony
In the cool stillness
I fall back into dreamland
until rooster crows.
Copyright 2013 Rebekah Luke

Haiku rain blessings

23 08 2009
Nearly six a soft
rain falls, pitterpattering
outside my window
through which a cool cool
breeze that brought the shower blows.
The squall refreshes
my garden. The breeze gently
brings new energy.
Bossy cat Ula
spreads her body on my desk,
softens her meow.
Eternal feline
waits patiently for breakfast,
for her mistress, no,
maid, to finish her poem
while the butler and
the dog continue to snooze.
Such a blessing—rain.
Copyright 2009 Rebekah Luke

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