Haiku rain blessings

23 08 2009
Nearly six a soft
rain falls, pitterpattering
outside my window
through which a cool cool
breeze that brought the shower blows.
The squall refreshes
my garden. The breeze gently
brings new energy.
Bossy cat Ula
spreads her body on my desk,
softens her meow.
Eternal feline
waits patiently for breakfast,
for her mistress, no,
maid, to finish her poem
while the butler and
the dog continue to snooze.
Such a blessing—rain.
Copyright 2009 Rebekah Luke



5 responses

3 09 2009
Rosemary Eberhardt

Aloha e Rebekah,
Your bountiful talents never cease to amaze me. As time progresses, your being continues to evolve with new inventive creative projects to enhance your life and the lives of others. Mahalo for this beautiful blog. Best regards to you and Pete.
With fondest aloha,

31 08 2009

In person!

29 08 2009

Congratulations on your Blog and beautiful writings. You inspire me!!!! Until our next gathering in person or in blog….ALOHA!

28 08 2009

OK, thanks for the feedback, Ron. Your blog and those of an increasing number of friends inspired me to start writing the stories. Glad you like them.

28 08 2009
Cousin Ron Ching

Dear cousin –
You write beautifully and artistically. Keep going!
Ron, now 73

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