Milestones to celebrate

25 08 2009

I turned 60 this year and must say I like it up here! Today darling husband and I complete 25 years of marital success. We welcomed our first grandchild, a girl, in May. What fascination! My puppy dog whose job is to give everyone joy turned 6 and technically she’s not a puppy anymore, so it’s probably okay that she’s upstaged by the baby. The raised garden beds were put in at last and yielded wholesome food. The eggplant, Manoa lettuce, and bok choy did great. A section of our home was dedicated and transformed into a wonderful healing space. We had a proper Hawaiian blessing for the entire property, and I resumed my Reiki practice. Equally satisfying has been my return to painting. When I remember to be mindful of the present, keep my intentions correct, and relax, I am shown that life is abundant and all is well.

Thanks to Alice Brown, Pete & Ayla



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31 08 2009

Ayla has a first cousin now from Allison. Her name is Ava. First there was Ari and Alli. Now we have Ayla and Ava. Do you think Dot had anything to do with that? 😉

30 08 2009
Betty Helwig

Loved the picture of Ayla and Peter. We have a great grandson and he is also precious. Will send a picture soon.

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