New mural is a big deal

19 10 2011

Miss Marvelous and I experience the new "Hawaiʻi Loa Kū Like Kākou" mural created this month by Native Hawaiian artists at the Hawaii Convention Center. This photo shows only a small section of the painting with the tip of an 'auamo (stick used on one's shoulders to carry things) that represents the concept of balance for the world. The entire ʻauamo image including the opposite end extends the width of the mural. The artwork will be officially presented to the public today, October 19, 5:30 - 7 p.m., street-level entrance. For a related article, please see my October 8 post. — Photo by Peter Krape

The marvelous last days of summer

17 08 2011

DH and Miss Marvelous


Miss Marvelous, 27 months

Summer’s almost over for Miss Marvelous. In a couple of weeks she’ll be going to school!

DH and I gave her mom a break today and took our granddaughter “holoholo,” meaning “to go out for pleasure.” Shopping. Drawing. Eating watermelon. A trip to the pool!

Then we checked out the activity on Kaneohe Bay. There’s always something happening on the water.

Today’s sights included the sailing yacht Lady Barbara, headed out from the yacht club, and the sampan Nisei, just as she pulled in to Heeia Pier.

The Lady Barbara at Kaneohe Bay

We're excited to see the sampan Nisei tie up at Heeia Pier

Miss Marvelous gathers her toys with help from her Papa

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Images of the farm fair

9 07 2011

Posting my favorite farm fair photos from the 2011 Hawaii State Fair and 4-H Livestock Show at Kualoa Ranch today. We all like the fair because we get to see the farm animals. And I think the windward Oahu ranch is a great place to stage it, don’t you?

Kualoa Ranch provided the venue for the weekend fair. Not bad, eh?

“Made in Hawaii” and “buy local” seemed to characterize the food choices in both the farmers market and the food booths, including Kualoa Ranch All Natural Grass-fed beef, Kahuku corn, and OnoPops.

Check out all the local Hawaiian flavors of this frozen treat. I had "surinam cherry clove." The list includes "mango lime habanero," "watermelon hibiscus," "pickled green mango" and "starfruit lemongrass."

I love Kahuku corn!

These are my photos of the animals:

Our friend Oliver and a miniature horse named Buttercup

Some of the several kinds of fancy pigeons

Newly born chicks

The out-of-town judge from Texas gives pointers to these 4-H'ers exhibiting their lambs. The champion is the one on the left and in the photo below.

"Slick" is the name of this champion market lamb, exhibited by Sydney Porter, 15, and bred by Paul and Vera Eguires.

Here's Sydney, again, exhibiting "Major," the champion market steer.

Besides eating the food and viewing the animals, there was a tent full of plants for sale.

Flowers and bedding plants galore

Fresh herbs for our recipes

Among the educational exhibits & demonstrations, I learned about aquaponics (e.g., raising tilapia and organic vegetables in one closed system)—something I’d like to invest in at the studio—from Olomana Gardens, and DH picked up some fresh garlic herb butter from Naked Cow Dairy.

For the small kiddies there were the ubiquitous inflatable bouncies, horseback rides, and a couple of carnival rides. Before we left, Miss Marvelous and her dad had to spend their tickets one one last ride.

So much fun on the whirly ride! Wheeee!

The farm fair continues tomorrow, Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission. I’m not sure if any large animals will be there tomorrow, as the auction takes place this evening. I hope the fair comes here again next year.

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Moms are the best

8 05 2011

Miss Marvelous turns 2. Mom baked a cake. Make a wish!

Moms are the best. They know the importance of celebrations. Let’s celebrate and honor our mothers today and everyday. Send them love and light, wherever they are.

In our family, we’re joining our mothers for brunch. Ivalee, Dee Dee, Julie, and Ari. It’s a rainy day, and we’ll have nice views of the waterfalls in the Koolau mountains on our way to the yacht club.

An extra special cheer to Sue in Tulare. We’re rooting for you!

Happy Mothers Day!

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Easter peep

24 04 2011

Blessings and joy to you this Easter Sunday from all of us at Rebekah’s Studio

Family time: Kaaawa Valley 5K Fun Run/Walk

9 04 2011

The 2nd Annual Ocean Warrior 5K Family Fun Run/Walk sponsored by Kaaawa Elementary School and hosted by Kualoa Ranch was held this morning in Kaaawa Valley.

Kaaawa Valley slopes

The starting line

It's the second annual for Miss Marvelous, her Tutu, Mom and Papa

Turn marshals

Miss Marvelous, me, and Alice Brown

Alice Brown & Pua—the dogs enjoyed the walk, sights & smells

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Eye on the ball

23 03 2011

Photographer Me Ra Koh on TV’s The Nate Berkus Show on Monday had a tip for people who shoot digital pictures. I think that includes just about all of us! Her specialty is photographing children.

You know how, every time we take a picture, the tendency is to stop to look and see what kind of image we got? Her advice is to resist the temptation and to just keep shooting. The reason is, when we are photographing, we are using our creative right brains. When we stop to analyze, we are switching to our left brains. Not to mention the images we might miss when we pause.

This morning I accompanied Miss Marvelous to her family-child interaction program and recorded her being so very pleased about catching the yellow ball her Papa threw. Luckily, there was no voice saying, “Lemme see!”

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