Eye on the ball

23 03 2011

Photographer Me Ra Koh on TV’s The Nate Berkus Show on Monday had a tip for people who shoot digital pictures. I think that includes just about all of us! Her specialty is photographing children.

You know how, every time we take a picture, the tendency is to stop to look and see what kind of image we got? Her advice is to resist the temptation and to just keep shooting. The reason is, when we are photographing, we are using our creative right brains. When we stop to analyze, we are switching to our left brains. Not to mention the images we might miss when we pause.

This morning I accompanied Miss Marvelous to her family-child interaction program and recorded her being so very pleased about catching the yellow ball her Papa threw. Luckily, there was no voice saying, “Lemme see!”

Copyright 2011 Rebekah Luke



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