The marvelous last days of summer

17 08 2011

DH and Miss Marvelous


Miss Marvelous, 27 months

Summer’s almost over for Miss Marvelous. In a couple of weeks she’ll be going to school!

DH and I gave her mom a break today and took our granddaughter “holoholo,” meaning “to go out for pleasure.” Shopping. Drawing. Eating watermelon. A trip to the pool!

Then we checked out the activity on Kaneohe Bay. There’s always something happening on the water.

Today’s sights included the sailing yacht Lady Barbara, headed out from the yacht club, and the sampan Nisei, just as she pulled in to Heeia Pier.

The Lady Barbara at Kaneohe Bay

We're excited to see the sampan Nisei tie up at Heeia Pier

Miss Marvelous gathers her toys with help from her Papa

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