Catching up with Popo

25 11 2012

Before heading off to Italy in October, I purposely held off making plans for after I came back. I thought I would take my time picking up where I left off or starting any new projects in Hawaii. I wanted to be available and present. As it turns out, being open and alert, there’s plenty to do!

I’ve gotten to catch up with my Painting II students and plant the seed of going to Italy, renting a villa, and painting in Tuscany next summer. They’re interested! I learned I need to tack on a make-up day to review the curriculum from the semester. It’s challenging now that holiday activities are filling up the calendar, but we’re doing our best together.

DH and I were unable to schedule the installation of the new wall-to-wall carpet we ordered before we went to Europe. But it went in yesterday to replace the 27-year-old stuff. It was a good reason to pass up shopping the day after Thanksgiving, as we were busy clearing the space for the installer (Kenneth of State Drapery who has been installing carpet for 40 years) who worked alone. It took six hours, and the new carpeting looks and feels great. I just need to clear the studio—to where we moved all the furniture to accommodate the carpet installation—before the next painting class. 😉

I’ve resumed my going to tai chi class and the alumni glee club rehearsals. I enjoy that.

Most importantly, I’m blessed to be able to spend time with my hanai mom, who is recuperating from surgery. This Thanksgiving all the adult kids (my hanai brothers and sisters), except Ruth, for various reasons remarkably weren’t here! Even DH and I stayed at our own home. Holidays have always been important to Mom. You can’t tell, but she’s 84 now, has failing eyesight, and a big house to maintain. She still works outside the home in the community. Her surgery was successful. Before long she will be up and about as usual.

I found out Mom is going to spend Christmas with eldest son David and Cherie and family this year. That’s good! Meanwhile, Ruth has accepted my proposal to give her some relief with the care giving, and I’m happy and privileged to keep Mom happy!

Copyright 2012 Rebekah Luke



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