21 11 2012

For the Hawaiian Makahiki and the American Thanksgiving season, Rebekah’s Studio offers a meditation from 2008.

“In This Place”

Here, in this place, I am thankful for
The feeling of peace
The sea the ocean the waves
The green mountains — that there are mountains
The peach and lavender sky — only here
The sunrises and the starlit skies
The Hawaiian people and how we love each other
The genuineness and the caring
How we all appreciate
That we can grow our food and touch the ʻāina
That we have fresh water and clean air
That we hold on to our values and cherish our relationships
That our keiki have a place to play
That it is easy to see our Source.
Just look around!
~ Rebekah Oe-Len Kehaulani Luke

Reprinted from ‘Umeke Writings: An Anthology, edited by Rebekah Luke and Meleanna Meyer, published by Na Kamalei—K.E.E.P., 2008  (ISBN: 978-1-935111-00-9).



2 responses

23 11 2012
Rebekah's Studio

Holiday greetings to you and your family too!

22 11 2012
Sharon Moulton

Happy Thanksgiving!

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