My dog is magical

20 09 2009

Relative to the Violet Flame in the articles I linked to near the end of my previous post on Gratitude, take a look at this photo that captures my doggy’s aura! Can you believe it?!

They are ready for their morning walk

Ready for their morning walk: (L to R) guest dog, darling husband, Miss Marvelous and Alice Brown with violet halo

That is Alice Brown who greets you at the top of this blog each time you visit Rebekah’s Studio. This is a straight photo from my iPhone, I swear.

Alice Brown is a Kahuku girl who was given to us by my late father’s caregivers. She is a mix of silky terrier (mom) and “the fat hot dog down the road” (dad). She’s a long dog with great hair, and she’s very entertaining.

Thank you, Alice Brown, for coming into our lives. You bring blessings and joy to us and everyone you meet.

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Global meditation on gratitude

18 09 2009


Today begins the third  wave of Go Gratitude stewarded by Stacey Robyn. I participated in the first and second waves. It consists of  short meditations that are emailed to you, one each day for 42 days. Wonderful things happen when people around the world, notified through the internet, meditate together about gratitude. Soon, we may reach the critical mass, and then what?!!!  For those who want to join the experiment, you may click on the following link. Afterwards, clicking your back button will bring you back to Rebekah’s Studio.

Again, it starts today.

As a reporter by training, I learned to check my sources. Never report anything unless it is corroborated by two or three others. And that’s how I will share with you the events that impressed and convinced me about gratitude:

One day at my morning water exercise at Pohai Nani, our substitute trainer mentioned to the class, “Read messages in water.”  That was it. No context, except that we were in the water of a swimming pool, and no author given. A few days later, my son-in-law handed me a paperback, saying, “Have you read this?” You guessed it: The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. It tells and shows that water carries messages, that it can be photographed in its crystalline state, and that the word gratitude in any language creates the most beautiful crystals.

About the same time came Stacey Robyn’s invitation to the first wave of Go Gratitude. In the first wave, she introduced the symbol for gratitude and pointed out the pattern that is so prevalent in nature. We have only to look around. I also noticed it was similar to the symbol I was taught to use for practicing Reiki.

For five years up until the spring of 2009, I was involved as a book designer and project manager to produce 20 bilingual toddler’s books in Hawaiian and English. They were created and published by Na Kamalei—K.E.E.P. to promote family interaction in the home through reading. The book series was a remarkable accomplishment by the community of Ko‘olauloa that wrote the stories.

While the “Stories Told By Us” project was remarkable in itself, the Na Kamalei—K.E.E.P. book that touched my heart the most was one for adults that came out of a workshop given by Hawaiian art educator extraordinaire Meleanna Aluli Meyer on “Creativity” in which she guided participants in drawing and writing.  She asked us to think about what we are grateful for.

As members of the group shared with each other what they had written, I immediately noticed the makings of another book. It’s entitled ‘Umeke Writings: An Anthology. I am so very proud of it. It’s about gratitude, and it contains short writings, art work, and photos entirely by 20 grateful Hawaiians. It’s like Chicken Soup for the Soul, Hawaiian style.

Umeke Writings: An Anthology

Umeke Writings

Mahalo to Kamehameha Publishing for providing the resources for Na Kamalei—K.E.E.P. to publish it. And mahalo e ke Akua! Meleanna said afterward, she gives these workshops frequently, but never before had she experienced such synergy. If you come for a Reiki session with me, Oe-Len, I will give you a copy of the book as long as my supply lasts.

Lastly, for today, I wish to share a couple-three more links, just to let you know from where I am coming. (I realize we are all on our own journeys. If you are reading this blog, then for a few moments you are on mine! For me, sometimes it is easier when someone else just tells me something than when I have to learn it on my own. Sometimes I don’t know what questions to ask.) You may pass on this if you wish, however . . .

In the middle of the night before last, something awoke me, and I and was led to my computer to check my spiritual CNN. I found these articles for September 2009 very enlightening.

The first two are “The Wonder of It All,” and the third is a message from Archangel Michael about the violet flame. Here are the links. Afterwards, clicking your back button will bring you back to Rebekah’s Studio.

I shared my messages-in-the-night experience with some lightworkers with whom I’ve studied and learned, and this morning, waiting in my emailbox was this response from Beverly, a healer in Kona: “This is a very important message from Archangel Michael in regard to what is and has happened in our evolution through this 26,800+ year cycle. I hope you take the time to read it.”

Because I checked my sources, I am comfortable passing on the information to you. It’s time.

With love, light, and gratitude ~ Rebekah

Copyright 2009 Rebekah Luke

Rev. Rebekah Luke has a healing ministry and is ordained by the Universal Life Church. The only two tenets of the ULC are “Freedom of religion” and “Do the right thing.” For more information, click on REIKI HEALING BY OELEN on the menu bar.

Suggested reading:

The Hidden Messages in Water (Paperback) by Masaru Emoto, translated by David A. Thyme, 2004 (ISBN: 978-0-743289-80-1).

‘Umeke Writings: An Anthology, edited by Rebekah Luke and Meleanna Meyer, published by Na Kamalei—K.E.E.P., 2008  (ISBN: 978-1-935111-00-9).

The “spiritual CNN” I refer to is the “Light News” portion of this website:

“Stories Told By Us” — For more information on 11 books of the Stories Told By Us series, go to

Learning about energy healing

3 09 2009

Often I’ve heard or read writings from healers who say they chose their vocation after a personal transformational experience. An unexplained miracle of healing at the time caused them to wonder and ask questions, leading them to learn how it was done so that they could help others.

My story with Reiki is not so dramatic, but I thought I would share how it evolved.

It began with a weekly meditation group in Honolulu at the residence of a psychic who ran a healing center and taught lots of interesting things. She was a lightworker. After she moved to Colorado, I was on the lookout for another teacher. That new teacher is Alice Anne Parker, an author and also a professional psychic, who suggested two years in a row that I take her Reiki class. The third year I said yes, thinking, she’s asked so many times, maybe I should. I had heard her lecture to public groups and had gone to her other workshops, including one on time travel and two on understanding dreams. I’d read her books, and she could read me!

I had no idea what Reiki was. Are there any prerequisites? I asked. Not really, just come with an open mind and a willingness to learn, she said. I signed up.

The weekend intensive course was in the Unlimited Reiki System of natural healing, and I attained the Initiation and completed the Attunements for Levels I, II, and Master. After the training, I had knowledge of using Reiki to heal myself, to heal others, and to teach it to others. The knowledge to teach the Unlimited Reiki System to others is what is meant by the title “Reiki Master.”

Now, if this is already getting a little woo-woo for you, or you want to know what Reiki is before reading further, you may click on REIKI HEALING BY OELEN in the menu bar for some background. Then click on your Back Button to return to this page.

AliceAnne explained that previously and even currently in some schools of Reiki (there are many), learning Reiki well enough to practice on others required years of training and experience, and that the cost of the training was (and still can be) very expensive. The price of a Reiki treatment used to be (and still can be) hundreds of dollars. She further taught that now, especially in the times that we live in, Reiki is available to anyone and everyone. We all need healing every day, and Reiki should be accessible.

However, with just three days of training, I wasn’t entirely comfortable hanging out my shingle, but I was still interested. At first I practiced on myself, next on darling husband and puppy dog. Those two are good receivers! Then, for about two years I gave 20-minute demos at health fairs for free. As a practitioner, I don’t know what the client feels during a Reiki session, which is why I welcome clients to report back. I, myself, don’t feel anything during a session, only the same as I feel normally, because I am channeling the energy, the Universal Life Force Energy found in all living things.

98% of the feedback was positive. Each person experiences Reiki differently, I was told, and for a person, it can be different from session to session. These are the kinds of statements people made: “You really have good hands.” “I have never had an experience like that in my entire life.” “As you moved your hands I felt as though my blood was being cleansed from head to toe.” “I have a pin in my right foot, but I felt a sensation in my left foot.” “I had so much energy afterward, I went home and cleaned my whole house.” “Your hands are so warm, they feel really good.” “After the Reiki session the pain from my surgery went away and never came back.” I made the decision to keep going.

There are many alternative healing modalities, different types of “energy work” across all cultures that have been practiced since ancient times, rediscovered and renamed in modern times. The practitioner will select the modality that feels right to him/her, and it can be a combination of methods.

As Oe-Len (that’s my Reiki name), I give straight basic Reiki the way I was taught. My learning hasn’t stopped. Most recently my study of tai chi and qigong, as well as learning about and witnessing The Reconnection, have helped me to better understand the workings of the Universal Life Force Energy. I continually learn from my clients’ feedback, too. Everyone has the ability to heal, just as most people have the ability to make music or, say, run. Some just have a stronger ability, interest or aptitude and spend more time in fine tuning the art. ~ Rebekah

Oelen healing space

ANNOUNCING REIKI FRIDAYS.  Oelen’s new healing space in Kaaawa is open for Reiki sessions every Friday,  from  10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For an appointment, directions, and rate information, please call 808 220-9642.

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