Learning about energy healing

3 09 2009

Often I’ve heard or read writings from healers who say they chose their vocation after a personal transformational experience. An unexplained miracle of healing at the time caused them to wonder and ask questions, leading them to learn how it was done so that they could help others.

My story with Reiki is not so dramatic, but I thought I would share how it evolved.

It began with a weekly meditation group in Honolulu at the residence of a psychic who ran a healing center and taught lots of interesting things. She was a lightworker. After she moved to Colorado, I was on the lookout for another teacher. That new teacher is Alice Anne Parker, an author and also a professional psychic, who suggested two years in a row that I take her Reiki class. The third year I said yes, thinking, she’s asked so many times, maybe I should. I had heard her lecture to public groups and had gone to her other workshops, including one on time travel and two on understanding dreams. I’d read her books, and she could read me!

I had no idea what Reiki was. Are there any prerequisites? I asked. Not really, just come with an open mind and a willingness to learn, she said. I signed up.

The weekend intensive course was in the Unlimited Reiki System of natural healing, and I attained the Initiation and completed the Attunements for Levels I, II, and Master. After the training, I had knowledge of using Reiki to heal myself, to heal others, and to teach it to others. The knowledge to teach the Unlimited Reiki System to others is what is meant by the title “Reiki Master.”

Now, if this is already getting a little woo-woo for you, or you want to know what Reiki is before reading further, you may click on REIKI HEALING BY OELEN in the menu bar for some background. Then click on your Back Button to return to this page.

AliceAnne explained that previously and even currently in some schools of Reiki (there are many), learning Reiki well enough to practice on others required years of training and experience, and that the cost of the training was (and still can be) very expensive. The price of a Reiki treatment used to be (and still can be) hundreds of dollars. She further taught that now, especially in the times that we live in, Reiki is available to anyone and everyone. We all need healing every day, and Reiki should be accessible.

However, with just three days of training, I wasn’t entirely comfortable hanging out my shingle, but I was still interested. At first I practiced on myself, next on darling husband and puppy dog. Those two are good receivers! Then, for about two years I gave 20-minute demos at health fairs for free. As a practitioner, I don’t know what the client feels during a Reiki session, which is why I welcome clients to report back. I, myself, don’t feel anything during a session, only the same as I feel normally, because I am channeling the energy, the Universal Life Force Energy found in all living things.

98% of the feedback was positive. Each person experiences Reiki differently, I was told, and for a person, it can be different from session to session. These are the kinds of statements people made: “You really have good hands.” “I have never had an experience like that in my entire life.” “As you moved your hands I felt as though my blood was being cleansed from head to toe.” “I have a pin in my right foot, but I felt a sensation in my left foot.” “I had so much energy afterward, I went home and cleaned my whole house.” “Your hands are so warm, they feel really good.” “After the Reiki session the pain from my surgery went away and never came back.” I made the decision to keep going.

There are many alternative healing modalities, different types of “energy work” across all cultures that have been practiced since ancient times, rediscovered and renamed in modern times. The practitioner will select the modality that feels right to him/her, and it can be a combination of methods.

As Oe-Len (that’s my Reiki name), I give straight basic Reiki the way I was taught. My learning hasn’t stopped. Most recently my study of tai chi and qigong, as well as learning about and witnessing The Reconnection, have helped me to better understand the workings of the Universal Life Force Energy. I continually learn from my clients’ feedback, too. Everyone has the ability to heal, just as most people have the ability to make music or, say, run. Some just have a stronger ability, interest or aptitude and spend more time in fine tuning the art. ~ Rebekah

Oelen healing space

ANNOUNCING REIKI FRIDAYS.  Oelen’s new healing space in Kaaawa is open for Reiki sessions every Friday,  from  10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For an appointment, directions, and rate information, please call 808 220-9642.

Copyright 2009 Rebekah Luke



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