Mid-summer abundance

22 07 2018

The large yellow/orange globe is a papaya from my garden. The birds planted the tree!

Taking time to marvel at the variety of fruit that I see in my kitchen—gifts from friends, strangers, a bird, and from the market. I am inspired to assemble a still life. Ever grateful for the abundance. Mahalo e Ke Akua.

Pick me! Eat me!

1 07 2012

Pick me!

It’s as if the orange kou blossom fell from the tree and joined the mini pineapple growing below to say, “Pick me!”

I planted the cut top of a supermarket pineapple in a pot of soil quite a few months ago, ignoring it for the most part, but watering it with other bromeliads in my routine of giving the whole garden a drink.

This morning the fruit begged to be harvested. It was just as much work to prepare for eating as a larger pineapple, but I treated it like gold. Very tasty and refreshing, nutritious, ripened by the sun, and free!

Mahalo e ke Akua no kēia mea ʻai.

Mini homegrown pineapple. It doesn’t get any fresher than this!

Homegrown mini pineapple compared to a commercially grown pineapple behind.

Copyright 2012 Rebekah Luke

Mango from heaven

1 07 2010

Oh joy! I found a gift in the healing space and turned it into a refreshing summer treat. A similar thing happened last season, about the time I launched this blog. I was thinking to myself, “I’m hungry,” when I glanced in the garden and saw one luscious fruit on the ground. Its name is Hayden (or Haden). Mahalo e ke Akua!

Fresh mango

a la mode

Recipe: Run a knife around the waist of the fruit (NOT through the stem end), twist apart into halves, twist pit to remove (over the sink, eat pulp around seed before discarding), fill cavity with vanilla ice cream. Enjoy immediately. Mmmm, good.

Copyright 2010 Rebekah Luke

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