New life

20 04 2015

Thank you for not disturbing the chicken. This morning two little ones hatched for her to start caring for!

Please do not disturb the chicken

28 03 2015


Mahalo e ke Akua! I have been monitoring a nest in the garden since March 20, the First Day of Spring. Each day the hen lays one egg. They are smaller than the brown ones I bought from the store. The yolks are orange-yellow. Today’s gather numbered two eggs, one from yesterday. Farm to table. Free, free-range, and fresh. Before I started gathering, I marked one egg that the hen returns to sit on daily. ~ Rebekah

What a good momma!

25 06 2014

The front garden, overgrown, seemed ideal for a hen to nest. I found a nest with four eggs a while ago. I collected three for breakfast–all were good to eat–and left one. Since we discovered the nest, DH intended to mark the one so we would know which eggs were newer when the hen laid again. We had heard that hens lay one egg a day. But DH said he didn’t have the heart to poke the hen off her nest. This morning I met her on the path, and out from under her appeared a teeny tiny white chick. I went to the nest and found just one empty shell! All these days she had been sitting on just one egg. What a good momma!


Copyright 2014 Rebekah Luke

For the birds

7 12 2013

Two peacocks appeared
in my garden this morning
looking for salad
On the right and left
I missed their iridescence
not their loud love calls
Five six seven eight
chickens mingle, look for worms
don’t dare touch cat’s food
Fat dove out-raced them
for the tasty little bits
of breakfast. Oh, birds!
Copyright 2013 Rebekah Luke

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