I have a chair

11 09 2016
My new chair

My new chair

Somewhere I read every woman should have her own chair. One that is hers alone, one that fits, and one she likes. Not an office chair nor a dining chair nor one necessarily part of the living room furniture.

I’ve been thinking about this idea. Since losing some height to aging, I catch myself slouching on the sofa while watching TV. Sitting on its cushions just isn’t as comfortable as before.

So I’ve been on the lookout for a chair that encourages good posture. Good posture will minimize some of my muscular aches and pains, I know.

My neighbors Dennis and Dawn are moving from the Islands to their home in Washington, DC, soon, and today was their garage sale. Two chairs caught my eye immediately, but, of course, they were not on the market.

But a third unmatching one with scratches in the finish had good bones, and when I sat in it I liked it. An honest chair, pre-owned, pre-loved, and in decent shape.

It would be such an improvement to anything else I had. The colors match the other parlor furnishings nicely. Best of all, the price was right at $25, and it would be all mine. Sold!

My own chair makes me smile.



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