Say “cheese” :-)

20 08 2016

What went down last night. Down the hatch and into our bellies. So decadent, but my girlfriends and I enjoyed! The occasion was a soirée at Cynthia’s, a potluck. How’s this for potluck?!


Cynthia graciously mixed cocktails, poured wine, and provided cutely decorated chocolate cupcakes to start and finish. Valerie shared the fresh salmon she and the boat she was on caught in Alaskan waters, most welcome as I am hesitant to eat fish these days. Candice brought bruschetta con pomodoro, I brought cold brussel sprout leaf and coconut soup, and Lori brought and styled this fabulous once-in-a-lifetime special cheese/salami/fruit/condiment array. I am grateful to have been able to share this table.

My photo is real, untouched, just the way Lori arranged the food on the tray, and shot straight with existing light and my iPhone6. I like it a lot.



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