Rain from Kaua‘i

27 03 2013

From the beach this morning, this is what rain coming from the direction of Kaua‘i looked like. We have flash flood advisories. The wind has changed and big raindrops are starting to fall at the studio. The clouds are hanging low and down into the valley, not moving, covering any views of the waterfalls. I bet it’s raining already in the middle of the island. I cancelled my class en plein air in favor of everyone staying indoors to work on some unfinished paintings. I love the light of stormy weather, but I and my oil paint prefer to stay dry. 😉 Here’s hoping for a fairer-weather day tomorrow!

Copyright 2013 Rebekah Luke



4 responses

30 03 2013
Rebekah's Studio

Thank you for the feedback. Stormy weather can look beautiful, as long as you aren’t in it getting wet!

30 03 2013
Donald Mac

Beautiful photo! Being from windward Oahu, the looming rainclouds and bubble-size droplets are comforting visages.

29 03 2013
Rebekah's Studio

Yes, Kauai has always attracted strong energy. The view at Polihale is beautiful anytime. I enjoyed the photos on your site. Thanks for stopping by!

29 03 2013

Hi Rebekah!
We are on Kauai and can confirm plenty of rain here ha! Yesterday was a beautiful sunset from Polihale though.

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