A peacock posed for me today

23 03 2013


Although these unbelievably beautiful birds are a nuisance to us at the studio because they regard our herb and vegetable garden as their personal salad bar, they land on the roof like the weight of an airplane, they hold conventions on the front porch, and they make both dogs crazy, I have to admit they have a certain visual grace and fascination about them. Their iridescent plumage makes up for their loud honk of a voice.

peacockside copy



peacockneck copy




2 responses

23 03 2013
Rebekah's Studio

For some reason this peacock with the thick neck seemed to enjoy pausing, turning, and strutting for my iPhone camera today. I’ve been following the peacocks since they invaded several years ago. This shoot is the best to date. Thank you, Sue.

23 03 2013

Fantastic pictures Rebekah. You really got some good shots.

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