Tandem bicycling and crowd-pleasing tandem flight

29 09 2012

Six Blue Angels—count ’em!

Our tandem bicycle was the perfect transportation to get to the airshow at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii today. With the wheels off, it fits nicely into our 2004 Prius. DH parked the car at our friends’ place near Kalaheo High School, and we rode straight down Mokapu Boulevard and Mokapu Road to the back gate where the guard waved us in. We got to and from the event site on two wheels faster than a car or bus.

The highlight and finalé, of course, was The Blue Angels. Lots of spectators, lots of types of aircraft, lots of attractions, a line up of Taste of Oahu food vendors—and friends to share it with—made for an enjoyable day.

The Blue Angels entertain the public at today’s airshow, taking off from the Marine base and flying acrobatics over Mokapu and Kaneohe Bay.

Copyright 2012 Rebekah Luke



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