Popo goes to Italy

28 09 2012

Pretty soon I’ll be posting from Italy! I’ve been getting ready for the long vacation from Rebekah’s Studio, but I’ve arranged for you to follow me on my new blog Popo Goes to Italy. I apologize so very much for being missing in action here.

DH and I are preparing to make our house guests and house- and pet-sitter welcome and to enjoy the next week and a half with friends and students.

Tomorrow we’re bicycling from Jim and Sharon’s house to see the Blue Angels fly over Kaneohe Bay. Taking the tandem.

My friends Linda, Lisa, and Sofia arrive from San Francisco on Sunday. Linda is the author of The Hakka Cookbook: Chinese Soul Food from around the World (University of California Press, 2012), and she’s scheduled to do a book signing at the Tsung Tsin Association‘s Autumn Banquet in Honolulu that we’re all attending.

DH and I had the pleasure of traveling with Linda to China as she went from place to place, restaurant to restaurant, talking to chefs, researching and eating Hakka dishes, and finding out more about our Hakka heritage in our grandparents’  homeland. We each included each other in our respective publications—mine is The Chong Family in a New Millennium.

We’ll have a lot of fun with Linda’s daughter Lisa, who was on the China trip with us, and almost-three-year-old granddaughter Sofia. We need a toddler fix. Lisa lived in Italy and married an Italian.

DH and I will have time to attend the First Birthday Luau for Eva and Kingston, girl-and-boy twins, who live down the highway. Special family friends too, so a very special gift is in order—my Kalo Diptych. Shh, it’s a surprise!

Kalo diptych / 10″ x 7″ / oil on canvas / each panel framed separately

My painting students have two more classes with me before a break. They’ll be painting on their own while I’m away.

Then we’ll greet Joe who’s ready at the drop of a hat to come from Florida to take care of Ula, Alice Brown, Pua, and the house. Because he just loves Hawai‘i! It’s all arranged.

Thank you so much for checking in. Be well. I’ll be in touch as Popo Goes to Italy.

Copyright 2012 Rebekah Luke



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