Less is more

26 04 2012

I think my cousin Christina, aka Toy, will like the blog I found today.

On rare occasions I will recommend another’s blog, rare only because I think original thinking and writing that allows the reader to know the writer better should be the point of a blog like Rebekah’s Studio.

I just found a blog I like and subscribed to it: http://minimalistlifestyle.wordpress.com

Cousin Christina recently noted her love of compact living.

Mark Lowe, the author, talks about what it means to him to live simply. I’m amused because what he says is so true!

A minimalist lifestyle is more than getting rid of clutter, although that is certainly a starting point.

There are good comments and tips from his growing following of readers, too. By subscribing I’ll have a regular reminder to examine my values and get a motivational boost toward Zen.

I read some of the content out loud, and in less time than it took me to write this post, DH cleaned out a drawer and took a bagful of stuff to the trash. 😉

Thank you, Mark! Less really is more. I’m inspired!

Copyright 2012 Rebekah Luke



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