Kōlea: thinking about it

20 04 2012

A lone kōlea — golden plover (Pluvialis) — seemed to be testing the water and thinking about a trans Pacific flight from Kaʻaʻawa beach to Alaska this morning. I pretended to be a nature photographer snapping many frames and hoping to get some good shots. Alas, nature photographer I am not, but I thought you would like to see what I made with DH’s iPhone as we walked the dogs. I applied the noise filter in Adobe Photoshop for the effect in the large photo.

Is this a good day for flying?

Shall I go now?

Umm, nope! Maybe later.

Actually, it’s a gorgeous day. The migratory bird no doubt was distracted by my presence and waited until I left. I hope it decided to take flight because conditions are beautiful! Aloha, a hui hou, e kōlea!

Copyright 2012 Rebekah Luke



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