Oh my goodness, look at Lanikai beach

31 05 2011

Classic Lanikai view

Aloha! This weekend our family spent some time at a beach house in Lanikai, Oahu. The idea of going there to relax this 3-day Memorial Day holiday was not an original one, as you can see. Never in my life have I seen this beach as crowded. On a normal day it is pretty secluded, tucked away around the corner from Kailua town, with outrigger canoes going out for practice in the early morning and late afternoon, a handful of sunbathers, and maybe a wedding shoot. But not yesterday. Take a look at all the activity!

Afternoon paddlers

Memorial Day 2011 at Lanikai

Escaping for some solitude on the sea

Beach sentinels

Please throw it again

Colorful Hobie

One of several "bathtubs"

One of several rafts



Looks like Waikiki beach

Sand caterpillar

Copyright 2011 Rebekah Luke



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