MAMo tee designs by Erin Malie

23 05 2011

I love my new top, cut and embellished by Erin Malie! She and her mom Charlotte had a busy booth at yesterday’s Native Hawaiian arts market at the Bishop Museum. Erin Malie redesigns crew neck T-shirts with a pair of scissors, weaving, and tying. I promised in my last post about the Maoli Arts Month event to show photos of my purchase.

Sleeve and bottom hems and original crew neck binding removed while printed design is left intact

V neck and diagonal placement of the basket weave feature make this more flattering than the original crew neck T

Each garment is custom made for her customer. I admired her designs at last year’s market but didn’t get one: peek-a-boo backs and sides, off-the-shoulder looks, lattice fronts, spaghetti straps, tank tops, sexy, youthful, or demure.

“Thank you” to DH for urging me to order one this time. First I bought the shirt, that turned out to be the last one available in the color and size I wanted. Lucky me!

There was a photo sample book, but the designer’s approach with me was to ask what kind of clothes I liked to wear. I also explained what kind of clothes I didn’t want to wear. Mine was the first V neck and slanted torso she made.

I asked DH and Kim to make some photos so I could show you, and I picked these two. Thank you for the fun photo shoot. Erin Malie, thank you, I love my top and I wish you every success!

Copyright 2011 Rebekah Luke



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