Watching the tide, planning my day

25 04 2010

When the tide is low I can walk far along the beach and hardly notice any bothersome civilization on Kamehameha Highway.

Not a minus tide, but a slow gradual ebb to just zero, long enough to walk from Swanzy Beach to Kalaeokaoio and back, completely on the sand, at least two miles worth.

The air is so cool.

The few houses between the water and the road and the rustling of coconut palm fronds muffle any traffic sounds. It’s easy to notice the bird songs mixed with the audible rhythm of waves breaking on the horizon reef and the quiet crackles-and-pops from the emerging tide pools.

The wide beach lures out kids and grownups one by one to play. An older couple in bathrobes enjoys coffee and scenery from their lawn chairs. A kolea pauses.

Smells of limu. Tastes of salt.

On the return trip I rescue flowered lavender flip-flops left by a little girl playing in the sand.

An amusing sculpture surprises. Oh, … hello!

Back in the studio and examining the tide calendar, I see the next similar low tide will be next week on May 1, 2 3, 4 and 5 — in the morning. If you go, give thanks and always keep a watchful eye on the sea.

Copyright 2010 Rebekah Luke



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