Photos of Austria

17 12 2009

These are the photos of Austria that should have accompanied my previous post. Hope they make it through cyberspace this time. ~ Rebekah



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5 01 2010

Take a look at the clothing list on my post, “Dressing like an onion.” 😉

5 01 2010

See my post on dressing like an onion! It’s possible!

31 12 2009
Rosemary Eberhardt

Art says your pictures are making him cold just looking at them. You are too too brave to weather such temperatures. Low 60s is cold for us and anything below 50s, brrrr.

24 12 2009

Mele Kalikimaka! Kaylene. It’s very cold outdoors. I’ve been wearing up to five layers with success. Your question has inspired me to write a piece on what works for Hawaii folks not used to the cold. The ship had free Wi-Fi for the passengers when it was in port. The hot spot was close to the reception desk, and my cabin was in line with it, on a deck below. Loved it.

18 12 2009
Sue Hylton

Was worth the wait to see the photos of Austria. Thanks for sharing.

18 12 2009
Betty Helwig

You sure do have snow. We are getting some on Sat. night into Sunday. Looks like everyone is bundled up. Hope you are warm enough.

17 12 2009
Kaylene Sheldon

Wow! Rebekah, these places were very beautiful! It must be really cold, what are you wearing? And can you catch internet up there?

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