Tomorrow Vienna

16 12 2009

I’m staying awake to watch the river cruise boat we’re on arrive in Vienna at midnight. The Viking Europe is taking us across Austria on the Danube River.

Earlier today we stopped at the towns of Melk and Durnstein.

The morning tour ashore was of the 900-year-old monastery Stift Melk, a Benedictine abbey with museum, church, school and library. The baroque design of the buildings was a treat to see.

In the afternoon we attended an organ concert in Durnstein. Both towns are in the Wachau valley that produces very good white wine.

We already visited Salzburg where the economy is so thankful for “The Sound of Music” and “Amadeus” motion pictures that continues to attract tourists (like us). 🙂

It has snowed every day to make the landscape a beautiful winter wonderland.

The Danube isn’t blue like the title of the waltz, but the picture I snapped of our vessel near sundown is a lovely blue.

Have a look at the other photos, too, of the boat and sights of our ports of call.

~ Rebekah



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