Love = Creativity

14 02 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

The plan for today, after DH and I take a walk with Alice Brown on the beach, and once I’ve set up the studio for tomorrow’s Painting class—I’m really enjoying teaching, by the way—is to head out to Kahala to cash in the See’s Candies gift certificates I got from Cousin Millie for Christmas, look at/buy red shoes, take in the Meryl Streep movie, and then pick up Miss Marvelous from school. Then, we’re heading back over the mountain to the yacht club where we’ll deliver our granddaughter to her mom. After dark our friend Jimbo is playing music at a private party there, and club members are invited to listen to the music from the lawn—but not partake of the party fare, natch. So, we’ll be opening up the box of chocolates. Somewhere in this plan is a Valentine meal. We’ve already enjoyed the heart toast.

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Be mine

14 02 2011

All my love. Happy Valentine's Day! xoxoxo

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