New life for old ornaments

5 12 2011

Greetings! from our family to yours. Christmas decorations are up at the studio, and the look gets more Zen-like each year. A collection of beloved ornaments begged to be included instead of being left in the storage box, so I came up with what I think is a clever idea.

I culled the soft and fairly unbreakable ones, stuffed them into a big stocking, and hung the stocking next to the toy box. The next time Miss Marvelous comes over, there’ll be some new surprises to discover and play with.

Soft ornaments fit into stocking for pre-Christmas fun. Each had a place on Christmas trees past. This year the toddler in the family may play with them.

Our social calendar is filling up. For example, this week DH and I will be taking Miss Marvelous on an evening trolley ride with her school; it’s joong-making time with my friend Nani; and I’m gigging with the choir. I mustn’t forget tai chi and water exercise as usual.

On Saturday I’m giving a workshop at Kaneohe Yacht Club for members and their guests on how to make lei garlands for the holidays. It can be a stressful time, especially with the kids’ new baby and exciting job change — more about that later!

I’m reminded to relax and stay in the present and make time for Miss Marvelous to play with her stocking. ~ Rebekah

P.S. Do you like the snow? It’s courtesy of 😉

Copyright 2011 Rebekah Luke

A few small traditions

23 12 2010

Miss Marvelous was at the studio yesterday. She discovered the “new” toy box with her grandfather’s name in big letters on the top. The one with toys her mom used to play with.

She had fun drinking “tea” out of the small plastic yellow cups and saucers she found, requesting many refills. She was able to fix my erratic laptop with a wave of her hand (which button did she press?!…for next time ;-)).

And she helped decorate our Christmas tree! The wooden ornaments were hand painted in 1977 by her great grandparents Walt and Dorothy of Pennsylvania. Merry Christmas!

Copyright 2010 Rebekah Luke

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