Free time in New York

13 11 2017

Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue with holiday window trimmings

Oh, the choices! We walked down 5th Avenue, 4.9 miles from 54th to 14th Street in Manhattan. We strolled High Line Park above vehicular traffic to the Whitney Museum in the Meatpacking District. Met a cool-looking dog, ate pizza, and took the subway train back to “home.”

Evergreens point to Rockefeller Center

Finally, the ice skating rink is ready

On the High Line, a former elevated railway turned into a green park

Interesting architecture

This building caught my eye from the High Line, too

Art pieces juxtaposed with railroad ties

Urban walkers

An effort to add greenery to the city

Skyline from the High Line

More views

Looking down from the High Line

Sun bathing. Brrr …

Meeting Massimo, a St. Bernard and poodle mix. Omg

Pizza pizza at Serafina’s

I ❤️New York

11 11 2017

I’m schlepping around New York City with a group led by Diamond Head Theatre’s John Rampage and Deena Dray to see Broadway musicals like “Hello, Dolly.”

Gosh, I love the lights of the big city. Anything you want you can get here, it seems. And the advice I’ve given myself is, relax, be selective as far as visitor attractions go, dress warmly for the 30-degeee F. November weather, and walk everywhere.

Yesterday, though, we took a private bus tour with the gang to become oriented. At nighttime we went to “Hello, Dolly.” That Bette Midler–what a star!

This morning Pete and I took a behind-the-scenes tour of NBC Studio at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. After a nap we’ll go over to the Museum on Modern Art across the street from our hotel, and tonight we take in “The Play that Goes Wrong.”

Here I post some images and impressions of the first 48 hours.

Painting at Remi Restaurant

Meringata con Crema e Frutti do Bosch Marinati Allard Salsa di Lamponi (a deconstructed macaroon from Remi restaurant)

Breakfast at Astro. That’s creamy yogurt.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Cathedral pipe organ

John Rampage of Diamond Head Theatre and Zora, our local NYC guide. She was good!

In the shop window is a model of Rockefeller Center built with LEGOs.

Smoothing the ice at the skating rink


Building the platform for the gigantic Christmas tree


“Make Time For Joy” show with the famous Rockettes

Radio City Music Hall

LOVE sculpture. There is another one that spells HOPE.

Bus-window view of Central Park

Ad atop a yellow cab

Mike and Pete at the Flat Iron building

NYC street scene

Another street scene

Flat Iron building

Landscaping with cabbages

Brookfield Place

Brookfield Place stairs

Brookfield Place stairs, looking down

Looking out from in

Dessert sampler before the show

Me and Pete at the show. So wonderful!

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