Gone to Italy!

9 10 2012

Tomorrow my Darling Husband and I leave for Napoli, Italy, and I plan to post my experiences of the next four weeks on my new travel blog.  “Popo Goes to Italy” is found at http://rebekahstravels.wordpress.com. Please head on over!

We’re eager to see our kids.

As we readied for the trip to visit 3-year-old Miss Marvelous and her family, what a pleasure and how wonderful it was to have two Italian friends visit the studio this past week to keep us enthused.

The first was young Sofia, who came to O‘ahu with her mother Lisa and her grandmother, my friend and author of The Hakka Cookbook: Chinese Soul Food from around the World, Linda Lau Anusasananan. Sofia’s father is Italian, and his relatives reside around Napoli. Lisa, who lived in Italy, coached us on some Italian phrases, and we practiced speaking with a correct accent. Sofia and Alice Brown made friends quickly. Almost age 3, Sofia reminded us what it’s like in the company of a toddler!

Me, Sofia, and Lisa

The second Italian is Joe, who’s here now. Joe’s relatives are from Napoli, too! Whenever DH and I have the itch to travel, we need to consider our animals. Having a trusted house- and pet-sitter gives us peace of mind. Joe arrived yesterday from Florida—this is a vacation for him, too—and the animals adore him.

Bossy Ula the cat, in the foreground of dappled light, seems to approve of Joe, in white shirt with Alice Brown. But she’s still wary of the larger dog Pua, at left with DH.

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