Before and after the party

10 05 2010

Granddaughter’s birthday, Mother’s Day, visits from grandparents, aunties, and friends from across the ocean.

Hawaiian tradition calls for a celebration when a child turns one because, in olden times, many children did not survive the first year of life.  Thankfully, our family’s littlest one is healthy and thriving! Hauoli la hanau!

While the rest of the family opened the imu (underground oven) to take out the kalua (baked) pork, turkeys, and uala (sweet potatoes) for the luau celebrating her first birthday,

Opening the imu. It's hot!

Miss Marvelous and her Papa went for a morning walk along the beach.

Miss Marvelous and Papa

Let me! I'm one now!

Next day was Mother’s Day, and we took a relaxing drive to Mokuleia on the North Shore to see the polo matches. White team won 4-3.

Beach at Mokuleia

White team won 4-3

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