Chinese new year’s yum-yum after seeing The Artist

22 01 2012

Shanghai dumplings and Shanghai noodles by Ming's

Went on a date last night, DH and I. Went to The Artist, the award-winning film I wanted to see ever since hearing the music and wondering about that cute dog on the Golden Globes. When I told my date there was a dog in the movie about the size of Alice Brown, he said okay we could go. Woof!

Is it in black and white? Yes. Is it a silent movie? Most of it. And that’s all I’m gonna say because I don’t want to spoil it for you. A fine, heartwarming flick!

Where to go for an after-movie snack? It’s Chinese New Year! Chinatown is in the opposite direction from home, but I felt like acknowledging my ancestral heritage nevertheless, so taking a cue from my friend Lori, I suggested we find Ming’s Chinese Restaurant in the little shopping center at Waiakamilo road and Dillingham boulevard in Honolulu and eat some Shanghai dumplings.

That’s not what they’re called by the restaurant, but you can look for a picture of them, similar to the one I made above, on the menu. We ate the dumplings by loading each onto a soup spoon, biting off the tip, slurping the soup that is inside, and only then ate the pork filling and its wrapper. Mmmm, good. Very tasty! And even better with red vinegar already on the table. No need to ask for it.

DH pronounced we could do this again. Good movie. Delicious snack. Renewing date night.

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