4 04 2023




a musical gathering or concert, typically small and informal.

“Musicale” is the apt name of my sister chorister Liz’s soirée last Sunday evening. It provided another opportunity to hear Tony Lu, a renowned visiting pianist who is blind.

Tony Lu

Liz’s cordial home is on a hill overlooking scenic Kāneohe Bay. A grand piano and two additional keyboards are among the musical instruments in a long parlor.

After socializing at a potluck buffet on the deck—I baked a pan of brownies!—guests gathered inside for after-dinner entertainment: piano duet, piano trio, improvisational playing by Tony and clarinet-piano-vocal jazz styling (“All of Me”), for examples. It seemed like a trip back in time to me, although this was the first time I’ve been present at this kind of “kanikapila.” Grateful!

Be well.

~ Rebekah 

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