Not exactly a hurricane

13 01 2020

Stormy-weather view, still gorgeous. (Photo by the author)

KAAAWA—The weather dominates the news this week. I don’t recall a wet season this bad; it seems to get worse each year. Extreme wind and rain reminiscent of a hurricane has downed trees, caused the ocean tide to deposit sand on Kamehameha Highway, and raised hopes of school children for no school.

All we can do is wait for the sun to dry things out so we can begin the clean up. It looks like residents like us will have to do it themselves because professional yard services are booked. Ours is not the only community with weather-related challenges, yet I thought of sharing some views to remind folks to travel with caution.

Road crews standby amid sand-covered highway at Kaaawa Beach Park.

Some of the debris at the high tide line on what used to be green lawn. Too much plastic.

Approaching Kaaawa Elementary School and looking toward Kaaawa Valley

Unstable atmosphere

Ebb tide

Stay safe, everyone!

~ Rebekah

Hawaiian morning

20 02 2013


“The lovely blue of sky and the sapphire of ocean…,” wrote R. Alex Anderson in his “Haole Hula.” That’s what greeted me on my morning walk today. Alice Brown and Pua met our neighbors Meda and Ian with squeals. Ian always has biscuits for them. Down the way the fishermen already had their poles out, and I wondered if it would be the gusty wind or the fish that would ring the bell.


Fishing pole ©2013Rebekah Luke
fisher © 2013 Rebekah Luke

Copyright 2013 Rebekah Luke

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