Time out with grandchildren

12 12 2013

You’ll have to put up with a proud grandparent for a bit. Family arrived from Italy two days ago, and, of course, they want to go to the beach, play with the dogs, and run around silly.
A lot is happening this holiday season, and some things just have to be put on hold.
Everyone, be safe and enjoy as much as possible. I’ll share Popo’s adventures with Miss Marvelous, et. al. with you.
Here she is, age 4, wearing a plumeria lei in the foreground, with DH her Papa carrying her sister 2-year-old Perrin, and me.

Photo by DD Letts

Twelfth day of Christmas smile

6 01 2012

Like my adult psychic readers, our 2-1/2-year-old Miss Marvelous likes to let me know that she knows. I can always tell when she’s been to the studio. After she leaves, I find little messages. Mostly she will rearrange things. She must know I am visually sensitive and like to see the living area neat and tidy, for example.

For the Christmas holiday I took three Christmas balls from a larger collection in a basket in the foyer and put them in a smaller display stand  in the living area for a design “repeat” where normally there is an ipu (gourd). Later I found Miss Marvelous “helped” me by neatly putting the items back the way she originally remembered them, that is, she remembered where the ipu belonged, and she saw the big basket of shiny colorful ornaments.

Today, as I packed the decorations away — it’s the 12th Day of Christmas when I usually take things down — I missed a Christmas ball from said collection. I looked around the room and noticed it sitting, again so very neatly, on a low shelf next to the portrait of me that Miss Marvelous likes. Ahahaha! 😉

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