View of the art market—what will tomorrow bring?

22 05 2010

Shall we pick this one . . .

... or that one up there?

No one bought much art today at the Native Hawaiian Arts Market, but there were plenty of art appreciators.  I am happy to show my work and talk about it with others. I met some very nice people, and some friends stopped by.

The artists are expecting a Sunday crowd tomorrow, the 23rd, at the Bishop Museum, on the last event day of Maoli Arts Month. (Please see two posts earlier for info.)

Miss Marvelous liked “Gas Pumps in Paradise,” an earlier work painted in 1993 of the 7-Eleven and gas station in Kaaawa the day Bula Logan led a sovereignty march along Kamehameha Highway.

The painting was part of my “Painting the Town” collection of all the public structures in Kaaawa: the post office, the fire station, the school, the bath house, the library (bookmobile), and two bridges.

I remember organizing with Pat, the then director of Swanzy Beach Park, an art show reception to open the new covered lanai for the park facility. I showed the paintings with environmental portrait photography of the people who worked in the buildings. The only advertising was a hand-painted roadside sign by the summer fun kids that read, “Everybody come.” And everybody did!  Times have changed.

Rather than keep “Gas Pumps in Paradise” as a leaner becoming shop worn in the studio, I’ve marked it down to $200.00, solid koa frame included. The amount is half the original price.

Miss Marvelous enjoys the art show with her mom

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